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Anorexia & Me: A Young Person’s Story

Early days

This time 2 years ago, I had completely lost myself and was consumed by Anorexia. After being diagnosed with Anorexia in October 2020, my mental and physical health was rapidly deteriorating.

Consequently, I was admitted to General Hospital on 12th March 2021 and stayed there for the rest of March before being transferred to a specialist psychiatric hospital on 1st April. It was in Hertfordshire as that was the only Eating Disorder inpatient unit which had a bed available at the time. It was there that I realised that I needed to recover. I wanted to be happy again, rather than trapped in a hospital 150 miles away from my family.

Starting therapy, journey to recovery

When I got home from the inpatient unit later that month, I continued my recovery with the amazing support of my parents, along with my Community ED team. I had weekly Family Based Therapy, which really helped me.

I set myself goals to achieve, like being able to dance again and go on holiday, and I knew that without recovering, I wouldn’t be able to achieve these goals.

After a lot of hard work and determination, I can now say, 2 years on, that I am fully recovered, and living the happy life that I worked so hard for. I’m studying a performing arts course in sixth form and am absolutely loving it.

Reaching my targets

On Sunday 12th March this year, I will be performing at the world’s biggest Dance convention, at the ExCel London centre. It will be exactly 2 years (to the day) since I was admitted to hospital.

Now that I am recovered, I want to use my experience and tell my story in the hope of helping others.

My message to others

Recovery isn’t easy, but it’s SO worth it. You have to fight your brain every single day, and it may feel like the fight is never going to end.

It may feel like it’s getting worse before it gets better. But it will get better, and you will gain a happy life back.

Today’s Guest Blogger

Thank you, Anna for sharing your story with us. We’re delighted to share from a young person’s perspective and importantly, sharing your journey to recovery is inspirational.

Help and Support


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Call 0808 801 0677 or access their webchat service online,

NHS Kimmeridge House (Poole)

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Emotional/talking support:

Call 116 123 to talk to Samaritans

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Call, 0800 652 0190 to speak with Connection’s 24/7 mental health helpline for all ages in Dorset.

Dorset Mind

Dorset Mind provides support for mild-moderate mental health needs, delivering 1-1 & group support for ages 11+ who live or study in Dorset.

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