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Support for Young People

Helpful links and information to aid young people with the essential tools they need to help self-manage their mental health and wellbeing for a variety of mental health challenges.

5 Ways to Wellbeing

Dorset Minds 5 Ways to Wellbeing can help support wellbeing through integrating the 5 ways into your everyday routine. The 5 ways include – to connect, be active, take notice, learn and to give. Find out how you can use the 5 ways to improve your lifestyle to support mental and physical health.

Mental Health Safety Plan

Our Mental Health Safety Plan sets out how someone would like to be supported and what they can do to help themselves when they feel in crisis or unable to keep themselves safe from harm.

A-Z Mental Health

National Mind’s A-Z of Mental Health is a great tool for learning more about mental illness, what they are and common signs or symptoms. If you’d like to learn more about different challenges faced by people with mental health illness, this is an excellent resource.

Parent Support

We understand that when a young person is experiencing mental health challenges it can sometimes impact family dynamics/relationships. If you’re a parent or guardian of a young person and would like to find out more how you can support a young person under your care, this is the page for you.

Support for Carers

Supporting someone else can affect your mental health and make it harder to stay well. If you’re a carer looking for resources for support, this page has helpful signposting to local and national organisations as well as relevant resources.

Resources and Signposting

There’s an abundance of support resources online – we understand at times this may be overwhelming. Here our some of our personal recommendations, many of which are suggested by our mental health practitioners.

Cost of Living Support

Poor mental health can make earning and managing money harder and worrying about money can make your mental health worse. It can start to feel like a vicious cycle. This page includes signposting to support for Dorset residents.

Please support our work

Dorset Mind is a self-funded local charity that helps people in Dorset experiencing mental health problems access the vital support they need. The charity is at the very heart of our communities shaping futures, changing and in some cases literally saving lives. 

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