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Speaking to a GP about mental health

We want everyone with a mental health problem who visits their GP practice to get the support that best suits their needs.

For most of us, our local GP practice is the first place we’ll go when we’re unwell. It’s there to help us with our mental health as well as our physical health. Around one third of all GP appointments are related to mental health.

However, it’s not always easy having that first conversation about your deepest feelings with your GP, someone you may hardly know. That’s why Mind have made a short film and guide on how to make the most of the few minutes you have with your GP or practice nurse.

Watch Mind’s animation below on how to find the words to talk to your GP about your mental health.

Handy tips when speaking with your GP about mental health:

  • Be honest and try to be open about the difficulties you currently face.
  • Focus on how you feel, try to explain how you have been feeling over the past few weeks or months.
  • Try to not worry that your problem is too small or unimportant, everyone deserves help and your doctor is there to support you.
  • If you are feeling nervous, let your doctor know.
  • If you have a few things you wish to discuss, make a longer appointment (you’ll need to do this when you are booking the appointment).
  • Why not take someone with you for support? This can be a close friend or a family member, anyone who you feel you can trust.

Signposting to help and support

We understand finding the appropriate support for your needs may feel daunting or overwhelming for many people who are experiencing mental health challenges.

Therefore, we’ve put together a clear guide of local and national services recommended by our mental health practitioners which cover a wide range of help and support for young people and adults.

See available support available in your community below:

Dorset Mind Support Services

Find Dorset Mind support for young people (aged 11-25yrs) here.
Find Dorset Mind support for adults (aged 18+) here.

Please support our work

Dorset Mind is a self-funded local charity that helps people in Dorset experiencing mental health problems access the vital support they need. The charity is at the very heart of our communities shaping futures, changing and in some cases literally saving lives.

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