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Ty Temel


Hey, my name is Ty. I’m 32 years old and local to Bournemouth.

I’m in the leisure and hospitality sector where I own and operate bars, clubs and restaurants and also organise large events alongside an amazing team that have been with me from the beginning.

I’m probably most known for these below:
-Bournemouth’s 4-times award winning Halo Nightclub.
-A boutique music festival on sandbanks beach for 5,000 people called SandFest.
Vantage Sporting Group that organises charity white collar boxing events.
IAM Events which does large scale ‘an evening with’ style events with international superstars. Previous guests include Anthony Joshua, Jason Fox, Tyson Fury and Floyd Mayweather to name a few.

What are your interests?

My interests and passions are anything that challenges me. I love information, love to learn, love to challenge myself whether that be in business, in my personal life or fitness related.
Since lockdown in March 2020, I rekindled my love for the outdoors spending most of my days down on the seafront either running, swimming in the sea, or cycling.

How did you come to Dorset Mind?

I’ve always had a passion for helping people from a young age. I was an RNLI Volunteer for 5 years in Swanage and when growing up mental health wasn’t openly spoken about – and to be honest wasn’t a thing as such. Throughout my life, starting as young as when I was 12 years old, I started losing friends and loved ones but never really understanding it, why?

Then later on in life after losing a much-loved boxing coach at the young age of 31, I decided that enough was enough. From then on, I was going to do everything I could to help the community around me, mainly young males. The industry I work within is notoriously known for not talking about their feelings. Whether it be nightclubs or the boxing gym, so I really wanted to break that stigma. I started with myself.

Openly talking about my experiences, my highs and lows and believe me there is a lot of them. We have all been in dark places at some point, but I found the more I spoke the more it seems to pick up momentum with helping others to talk. And here we are.

Has anything changed since learning more about mental health and wellbeing?
I feel like I’ve created a community around me now and people know that I opening talk about my feelings and what’s going through my head. I feel this has helped others to do the same, people opening up to me or others around them. Slowly breaking that stigma within my industry and having open and honest conversations. This was the goal.

How has Dorset Mind helped you?

They have given me support. Both personally and in the things I do to help others. I guess having that support from DM has allowed me to open up as well. I’ve not always spoken openly. They have made my feel apart of a fantastic and supporting community.

What do you hope to achieve and what’s driving you?

As mentioned above, I really want to break the stigma and get men talking. Make society accept that talking about your feelings is actually a very strong and powerful character trait not a weak one.
I also want to be a role model, a mentor for other young men. I wish I had someone growing up that openly spoke about the things that everyone goes through but are scared to talk from fear of not fitting in.
Achievement wise, I like to leave a positive effect on the community whether that’s while I’m here on this Earth or after.

One piece of advice I can give:
Now while I don’t claim to be a doctor and I strongly believe there isn’t a one rule fits all scenario with mental wellbeing, I feel like it’s mostly down to your mindset. How you react to the challenges life throws your way, because let’s be honest no one is getting through this life without challenges. For me it’s all about upgrading, sharing and clearing my mind.

Let me explain;

Upgrading: The trick is never to overcome emotion it’s to understand it, accept it and manage it. So upgrading for me means learning. Read, watch, listen. Motivational stories, self help books, watch how others have over come challenges. What ever interests you. The more you know and understand the easier it is to navigate around challenges.

Sharing: This is probably the most important one. Talk!!! Share your thoughts, experiences with family and friends. Talk, open and honest conversations. You will feel amazing afterwards!

Clearing your mind: This for me is the outdoors and exercise. I love to start most days off with an early sunrise run or walk along the seafront. Take in that fresh air, look around, count your blessings, maybe stick a podcast on in your ear and just take it all in. Exercise first thing is like medicine. I feel there is a direct link with physical exercise and mental wellbeing. Never underestimate the power of just going out for a walk. Try it!

As mentioned above this is just what works for me and may not for everyone but feel free to give it a go! It’s all completely free!

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