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Comprehensive NEW LGB&T research for young people

Mental Health of Young LGB&T PeoplePublished in June 2017, this comprehensive report into the mental health of young LGB&T (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans) people is HUGELY important.

LGB&T Mental Health

The statistics alone are quite shocking. They illustrate that young LGBTQ+ (Queer and/or Questioning) people have much higher rates of poor mental health, than their non-LGBTQ+ peers.  This includes self-harm and suicide rates also. But never before has the available research been compiled and summarised in a single document. This paper contains the views of 94,000 young people.  As such a sizeable representation it’s a really credible source of information – and recommendations.

Youth Services

As part of our planned young people’s mental health support services, Dorset Mind intend to address some of these points.  But it’s very clear that the LGBTQ+ community needs additional support.]]>

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