Local Mental Health Services for under 18s

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Category codes: Adv = Advocacy, Bef = Befriending, CA = Creative Arts, CAR = Carers, CP = Commercial Provider, Cou = Counselling, FPG = Facilitated Peer Groups, NPO = Non-profit Organisations, PG = Peer Groups, SSP = Statutory Service Providers, TR = Training, YP = Young Persons (Under 19)

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Citizens' Advice - Bridport Adv,YP The Bridport and District Citizens Advice aims to provide the service you need for the problems you face and improve the policies and practises which affect your lives.
507 (B-Town Youth services) Adv,YP 507 is a drop-in centre for under 25s. Young people can go to 507 for a confidential chat with one of their Health Advisors or Youth Workers.
Action for Children Adv,Cou,SSP,YP Action for Children's courses aim to help you feel more confident in dealing with your child's behaviour by building up a store of ideas, skills and techniques for coping.
ADFAM Adv,YP Adfam is the national charity working to improve life for families affected by drugs and alcohol.
Aim Community CA,YP Aim Community is a creative arts, education and mentoring charity based in Bournemouth and Poole. Bespoke support packages are provided for 7-19 year olds. Young people are given a variety of creative arts experiences to reach their potential and enhance their creativity.
Al-Anon Family Groups NPO,YP Al-Anon Family Groups provide support to anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else’s drinking, regardless of whether that person is still drinking or not.
Ansbury YP Ansbury work with young people, parents and adults to help them achieve their career goals through quality guidance and advice.
Anxiety UK NPO,YP Anxiety UK is a national charity which works to help people with anxiety. Anxiety UK is a user-led organisation which provides many support services including an infoline service, a vast resource service and a live chat advisory service.
Artisan Community Art Studio, Bournemouth CA,NPO,YP Artisan Community Art Studio is an independent community art studio offering a wide range of high quality/low cost art, craft and textile workshops for all abilities, inspiring studio and beautiful courtyard garden.
Autism Wessex Adv,Car,YP Autism Wessex is founded in 1968 by parents of children with autism, Autism Wessex is the regional charity providing high quality specialist services for people affected by autism and associated difficulties across the counties of Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire and Wiltshire.
Battle Against Tranquilisers Adv,YP Battle Against Tranquilisers wants to help those who are addicted to benzodiazepines and ‘Z’ drug tranquillisers, and sleeping pills (and drugs with similar effects) and who wish to withdraw from them, to do so as comfortably as possible, and to help them to make the changes necessary in life after withdrawal.
BCHA's Ignite Programme Tr,YP BCHA's Ignite Programme provides relaxed workshops for people aged over 19 who are unemployed or at risk of losing their job. Ignite will help people improve their self-belief, break free from benefit support and get back in to work. Ignite is a person-centred programme which will give people skills and knowledge that will enhance their life.
BEAT - Beating Eating Disorders Adv,SSP,YP Beat’s vision is that eating disorders will be overcome. Beat’s aims are: To change the way everyone thinks and talks about eating disorders. To improve the way services and treatment are provided. And to help anyone believe that their eating disorder can be overcome.
Befriending, Dorset Mind, Bournemouth Bef,NPO,YP Dorset Mind Befriending service offers individual support by trained volunteer befrienders to those with mental health problems. The aim is to improve the quality of life of clients by helping them to regain confidence and social skills so they can become self-sufficient again
Behavioural Outreach Support Services (BOSS) Adv,YP The Behavioural Outreach Support Service works with children/young person aged 0-18 years and their family who have a learning disability and mental health problem. The team provide intensive assessment and support, treatment, advice and consultation for the child/young person. The team also works closely with Education, Social Services and has access to Consultants in psychiatry of Learning disabilities, Clinical Psychlogy and Occupational Therapy.
Big White Wall Bef,YP Big White Wall is an anonymous online community for people aged 16 or over who are feeling anxious, down or unable to cope. Big White Wall offers an opportunity to make friends and access guided support.
Bipolar UK Adv,YP Bipolar UK is the national charity dedicated to supporting individuals with the much misunderstood and devastating condition of bipolar, their families and carers.
Bipolar UK, Bournemouth and Poole Support Group CA,PG,YP Bipolar UK helps those affected by Bipolar via support groups and one-to-one mentoring. The Bournemouth and Poole support group meets the 1st Wednesday of every month.
Bipolar UK, Dorchester Support Group CA,PG,YP Bipolar UK helps those affected by Bipolar via support groups and one-to-one mentoring. The Dorchester Support group meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month.
Bipolar UK, East Bournemouth Support Group PG Our Support Groups are free to attend and are open to anyone affected by bipolar, including family, friends and carers. Meetings are on the 3rd Tuesday of every month and the venue is fully accessible.
Body Positive Dorset Adv,Cou,NPO,YP Body Positive Dorset is an organization set up to offer advice, practical support, counselling and information helping those people whose lives are affected by HIV.
Boscombe Angels YP Boscombe Angels is a group of volunteers who aim to care , to listen and help residents of Boscombe. Boscombe Angels are in the Boscombe community at 9pm every Friday to help anyone who may be in a vulnerable situation. If needed, people are referred to specialist agencies who can offer support.
Bournemouth and Christchurch CAMHS Adv,YP Bournemouth and Christchurch CAMHS work with families and individual young people up to 18 years who have concerns of an emotional, behavioural or psychological nature. The clinic offer a range of individual, family and group treatments depending upon the needs of the young person or family.
Bournemouth and Poole LSCB YP Bournemouth and Poole LSCB works to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.
Bournemouth Integrated Youth Service Adv,SSP,YP The Integrated Youth Service works with a wide range of partners, as well as young people themselves, to ensure that 13 - 19 year olds and particularly the most vulnerable have access to the opportunities and services they need to improve their wellbeing. We support them to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to make a successful transition to adulthood, realise their potential and become positive and active members of society.
Bournemouth Parent Carer Forum (BPCF) Adv,Car,PG,YP Bournemouth Parent Carer Forum gives parents an opportunity to help shape health, social and educational services for children with disabilities or SEN in Bournemouth.
Brook Adv,Cou,NPO,YP Brook’s services are free and confidential. This means when young people visit our services we won’t tell anyone outside Brook without their permission, including their parents, and even their doctor, unless we are really worried about the young people.
Carers UK Adv,Car,YP Carers UK gives expert advice, information and support.
CAYP Christchurch Activities for Young People (CAYP) is a registered not-for-profit Community Interest Company. It provides a safe and welcoming environment for young people
CHAOS Adv,Bef,YP CHAOS are a local charity offering support, information and friendship to families caring for a child/young person with a disability or special educational needs. services are provided for families living in East and west Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole. The charity provides play opportunities for disabled children and their siblings, activities and outings for young people with a disability or special educational need, parent befriending service, payroll bureau service and information and signposting.
Childhood Bereavement Network Adv,YP The Childhood Bereavement Network supports bereaved children and offers guidance for schools, parents and carers.
ChildLine Adv,Cou,NPO,YP Young people can contact the ChildLine for free and confidential advice. It offers support on faith and religious bullying, relationships, gangs and among other things.
Christchurch Community Partnership Supporting children, young people and families with additional needs in the Borough of Christchurch
Citizens' Advice - Dorchester Adv,YP Citizens Advice in Dorchester is an independent service providing free, confidential and impartial advice to everybody regardless of race, gender, disability, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, religion and belief.
Citizens' Advice - Gillingham Adv,YP Citizens' Advice in Gillingham aims to provide the service you need for the problems you face and improve the policies and practises which affect your lives.
Citizens' Advice - Sherborne Adv,YP Citizens Advice in Sherborne is an independent service providing free, confidential and impartial advice to everybody regardless of race, gender, disability, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, religion and belief.
Citizens' Advice - Weymouth Adv,YP The Citizens' Advice in Weymouth and Portland offers free, impartial, confidential and independent advice to residents of Weymouth and Portland and the surrounding areas.
Community Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service (CADAS) Adv,YP The Community Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service (CADAS) provides information, advice and support for people with alcohol or drug problems and for their families. Counselling, treatment, community detox. Staff team includes specialist nurses, social workers and a clinical psychologist.
Contact Up Up is dedicated to supporting young people in Poole
Crimestoppers Adv,Cou,NPO,YP We help to promote the charity in communities across the region, to let people know that Crimestoppers is there for them as an anonymous route to give information about crime. Crimestoppers guarantees anonymity, which means that no-one can ever find out you contacted us.
Crisis Advocacy Service Adv,NPO,YP The Crisis Advocacy Service is a lottery-funded service that supports people who have many complex issues that impact their life. Support is provided on a one-to-one basis via a Caseworker.
Crisis Response & Home Treatment Service SSP,YP Mental health crisis care in Dorset is provided by the local Community Mental Health teams during normal office hours of 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours the Crisis Response & Home Treatment Teams offer crisis support and advice over the telephone.
Cruse Bereavement Care Adv,YP Cruse Bereavement Care is the leading national charity for bereaved people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We offer support, advice and information to children, young people and adults when someone dies and work to enhance society’s care of bereaved people.
Dorset Advocacy, Poundbury Adv,YP Dorset Advocacy provides advocacy across Dorset for people with learning, physical or mental disabilities. Dorset Advocacy provides a person-centred approach to protect people's rights and ensure equality of opportunity is gained.
Dorset Blind Association Adv,NPO,YP Dorset Blind Association provides a range of practical help and support services for people who are blind, partially sighted or suffering from serious sight loss, across the whole of Dorset.
Dorset Family Information Service Adv,SSP,YP Dorset Family Information Service provide free, impartial information and advice on childcare, children's centres, early education, funding and family support within Bournemouth.
Dorset Family Mediation Adv,Cou,NPO,YP Dorset Family Mediation is a professionally qualified mediation and counselling service offering private and legally aided mediation to eligible clients.
Dorset First Point Adv,YP Dorset First Point is a county wide, short term, housing intervention, support service that works across all tenures and households, providing information, guidance and support.
Dorset LGBT Equality Network NPO,YP Dorset LGBT Equality Network is a voluntary sector community group which aims to increase awareness of LGB&T issues amongst the public. The network also acts as a forum to discuss LGB&T issues and develops educational campaigns to influence changes in NHS understanding and interaction with LGB&T service users .
Dorset Mind Head Office, Bournemouth Bef,FPG,NPO,PG,Tr,YP Dorset Mind works across Dorset, offering support to anyone in the county that faces a mental health problem, or helps care for those who do.
Drinkaware Adv,NPO,YP The Drinkaware Trust is an independent UK-wide alcohol education charity, funded largely by voluntary and unrestricted donations from UK alcohol producers, retailers and supermarkets. The Trust is governed independently and works in partnership with others to help reduce alcohol-related harm by helping people make better choices about their drinking.
Early Intervention in Psychosis Service - Dorchester SSP,YP The Early Intervention in Psychosis Service team in Dorchester consists of a range of trained people which includes nurses, doctors and social workers. They have training and experience of working with young people with the early signs of psychosis and their families. Also they have close links with other clinical teams and services, which can provide specialist help and support.
Early Intervention Service SSP,YP EIS works with young people who have the early symptoms of an emerging psychosis. The service enables them to recover from the episode and aims to assist young people to continue to achieve their life time goals.
Early Intervention Service in Psychosis - Bournemouth Adv,YP Early Intervention Service in Psychosis is part of Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust. It provides support to young people aged between 14-35 who appear to be experiencing a first episode of psychosis or a suspected first episode of psychosis.
EAST Dorset CAMHS SSP,YP EAST Dorset CAMHS offers children, young people and their families (aged 0-18 years) assessment and multi disciplinary therapeutic intervention for moderate to severe mental health problems. The clinic offer a range of individual, family and group treatments depending upon the needs of the young person or family.
East Dorset Mental Health Carers' Forum Adv East Dorset Mental Health Carers' Forum exists to promote the needs and concerns of carers of people with mental illness and to communicate those concerns to the relevant agencies. Their central aim is to influence changes in mental health policy.
Eating Disorders Service Adv,YP The Eating Disorders Service is designed to help individuals and their families overcome different types of eating disorders, including Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa and a typical versions of these disorders.
Family Planning Association Adv,Cou,NPO,YP The Family Planning Association helps parents talk to their children about growing up, support health professionals, campaign for better sexual health services and fight for the rights of all young people to have high-quality relationships and sex education.
FFLAG Adv,Cou,NPO,YP FFLAG is a national voluntary organisation and registered charity. They are dedicated to supporting parents and their lesbian, gay and bisexual daughters and sons.
FRANK Adv,YP FRANK is a national drug education service. It is a 24-hour helpline offering information and advice to anybody concerned about drugs and substance misuse. Can address health concerns about any drugs – legal or illegal. Provides information about local services and support groups and national drug resources
Fusion Youth Centre Adv,NPO,PG,YP Fusion Youth Centre provides a safe place to gather. It also offers young people a range of engaging activities with a team of youth workers and the opportunity to access much needed support and advice at a critical time in their lives.
Galop Adv,Cou,NPO,YP Galop gives advice and support to people who have experienced biphobia, homophobia, transphobia, sexual violence or domestic abuse. They support lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer people who have had problems with the police or have questions about the criminal justice system.
Global Mediation Adv,Car,YP Global Meditation offers a confidential way of sorting out a disagreement in a safe and friendly environment. It can improve communication and help to rebuild trust and good working relationships.
Hearing Voices Network Adv,SSP,YP If you hear voices HVN can help – we are committed to helping people who hear voices. Our reputation is growing as the limitations of a solely medical approach to voices become better known.
Ignite Youth Group PG,YP Ignite Youth Group takes place on Friday nights from 7:45pm-9:15pm. Ignite Youth Group provides a range of activities for young people in school years 7-13. The group is a fun and friendly group which encourages anyone to join in.
Innovate Dorset Established in 2008 it has long been Innovates’ passion to help young people find balance in education and life in general.
Intercom Trust Adv,YP The Intercom Trust is a resource for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community. They work in partnership with local government, the police, health and other organisations. The Intercom Trust also help develop the LGBT communities and provide help against homophobic and transphobic prejudice, crime and discrimination.
limelights Club For Young Limelights on Canford Heath provides positive activities for young people of from 9-19 who come from most of the schools around Poole.
MIND Adv,Bef,Tr,YP Our local Minds support over 375,000 people across England and Wales. Their services include supported housing, crisis helplines, drop-in centres, employment and training schemes, counselling and befriending.
My Health My Way Adv,Cou,YP My Health My Way provides support from specially trained health coaches who work with young people on the areas where they need help. It can builds skills, knowledge and confidence to start taking control of a health condition, rather than letting it control you.
MyPlace - YMCA Bournemouth PG,YP MyPlace is a partnership youth project between YMCA Bournemouth and Bournemouth Youth Service for 13-19 year olds. Positive outcomes for young people are delivered via a range of projects. These include "Cook and Chill" where life skills such as cooking, budgeting and housing are learnt.
National Children's Bureau Adv,YP The National Children's Bureau is the leading national children's charity which supports children's rights to be safe and supported.
National Domestic Violence Helpline Adv,YP The National Domestic Violence Helpline can give support, help and information over the telephone, wherever the caller might be in the country. The Helpline is staffed 24 hours a day by fully trained female helpline support workers and volunteers. All calls are completely confidential.
National Drugs Helpline Adv,YP The National Drugs Helpline is a 24-hour, seven-days a week, free and confidential telephone service that offers advice and information for those who are concerned, or have questions, about drugs. The service is available to anyone.
New Springs CA,YP New Springs builds your self-esteem, confidence and motivation by creating an environment that inspires like-minded people to work together. The idea is to create new choreography and dance pieces through varied stimulas. For +17, all abilities welcome. Every Thursday, 18:15-19:15. £4 per session.
Nightingale Court SSP Nightingale Court is an open, pre-discharge inpatient unit that focuses on the rehabilitation and recovery of individuals with a severe mental illness.
NSPCC Adv,Cou,NPO,YP NSPCC specialises in child protection and dedicated to the fight for every childhood. Their helpline is 24/7 free and they support adults concerned about the safety and welfare of children and young people.
OCD-UK Adv,Bef,FPG,YP OCD-UK is the leading national charity, independently working with and for almost one million children and adults whose lives are affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
Over the Rainbow SSP,YP Over the Rainbow is an NHS service in Bournemouth which provides advice, support and information for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Over the Rainbow provides a range of services including counselling, peer support and 1 to 1 or group training.
Papyrus Tr,YP Papyrus is the national charity for the prevention of young suicide. They provide awareness and prevention training and campaign and influence national policy. Please call HopeLineUK on 0800 068 41 41 if you need confidential help and advice.
Pebble Lodge SSP,YP Pebble Lodge is an 8 bedded adolescent inpatient unit with additional day places, for young people aged between 12 and 18 years who are suffering from acute and severe mental health problems. At Pebble Lodge they assess and treat young people, and support their families/carers.
Perinatal Mental Health Service SSP,YP The Perinatal Mental Health Service facilitates the care, treatment and wellbeing of mothers within the area covered by Dorset HealthCare NHS Foundation Trust who suffer from a significant mental illness either during the antenatal period or for up to a year potsnatally, whilst helping to maintain the family unit.
Poole CAMHS SSP,YP Poole CAMHS offers children, young people and their families (aged 0-18 years) assessment and multi disciplinary therapeutic intervention for moderate to severe mental health problems. The clinic offer a range of individual, family and group treatments depending upon the needs of the young person or family.
Poole Well-being Collaborative Adv,YP Poole Well-being Collaborative aims to support local Poole residents by giving them access to information and services and to also identify gaps where people could benefit from new services or community groups.
Rape Crisis Adv,Cou,NPO,YP Rape Crisis offers a range of specialist services for woman and girls who have been raped or experienced another form of sexual violence - whether as adults, teenagers or children.
Relate - Counselling for young people Adv,Cou,YP Relate Counselling is the UK's largest provider of relationship support for young people, and every year we help over a million people of all ages, backgrounds and sexual orientations to strengthen their relationships.
Resource and Information Social Inclusion Network (RAISIN) Adv,SSP To promote recovery and access to training and employment.
Restored Car,Cou,Tr,YP Restored is a Bournemouth based organisation which aims to support people affected by eating disorders. A range of services are available including carer support, training for professionals who work with people with eating disorders and specialist eating disorder services for schools and colleges. Nutrition and meal support, counselling and psychotherapy and a recovery group are also available.
Rethink Adv,YP Rethink provides expert, accredited advice and information to everyone affected by mental health problems.
Risky Business Dorset information about some of the issues you might face, and advice on how to deal with them. You’ll also find details of where to go for help,
Roots Gardening Services, Westbourne Tr Volunteers recovering from mental ill health provide the Roots Gardening Service. The team of volunteers are trained and supervised by a Help & Care Garden Services Worker to help maintain older and disabled people's gardens.
Safe Date YP Safe Date is a free healthy relationship programme for young people across the UK. Safe Date provides domestic abuse training education and offers free preventative workshops for education establishments in order to raise awareness and understanding.
Safe Partnership Limited Adv,YP The Safe Partnership Limited is a national charity which aims to help victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse across England and Wales.
Samaritans Adv,YP Samaritans is available round the clock, every single day of the year. You can talk to them any time you like in your own way and off the record, about whatever's getting to you. Call for free any time on 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.org
SANE NPO,YP SANE offers emotional support and information to anyone affected by mental health problems through our helpline, text messaging service and our online Support Forum where people share their feelings and experiences. The helpline is open each evening between 6pm - 11pm on (0300 304 7000).
Shelter Adv,SSP,YP Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through our advice, support and legal services.
SMILE Bef,PG,YP SMILE is a community group and support network which aims to support lone parent families. SMILE aims to increase confidence, self-esteem and resilience of parents and their children. This is achieved by providing services to help lone families maintain stability and reconnect with others in similar situations. One-to-one support and group activities are available.
Space Youth Project YP Space Youth Project is a group for young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or just unsure. They meet weekly throughout Dorset. You get the opportunity to meet other people and make new friends, chat, go out, plan events and have fun.
Specialist Prevention Team, East Dorset Adv,YP The Specialist Prevention Team, East Dorset supports young carers in East Dorset.
Specialist Prevention Team, West Dorset Adv,YP The Specialist Prevention Team, West Dorset, supports young carers in West Dorset.
St Ann's Hospital - Haven Unit (Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit) SSP,YP The Haven Unit at St Ann's Hospital (Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit) provides treatment and care for people who need a high level of support.
StepChange Debt Charity Adv,YP StepChange Debt Charity offers tailored advice and practical solutions to help you manage debt and make a fresh start.
Stonewall Youth Adv,Cou,YP Stonewall Youth helps all young lesbian, gay, bi and trans people - as well as those who are questioning and know they're not alone. They want to empower all young people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, to campaign for equality and fair treatment for LGBTQ people, and against discrimination.
Survivors UK Adv,Cou,NPO,YP Survivors UK offers support, counselling and local groups for male survivors of any kind of sexual violence or rape, plus training for professionals.
Sussed (B-Town Youth Services) Adv,CA,Tr,YP Sussed offers information and advice to support young people from 13 - 19 years. Sussed helps find a way forward on a whole range of topics including: Education, Employment and Training, Volunteering, Things to Do, Emotional Wellbeing, Sexual Health, Glo and Citizen Cards and much more.
TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More YP TEAM is a youth action project who meet once a week to raise awareness to young people about bullying and racism. TEAM provide young people from different ethnic groups and faiths a voice to share their ideas and experiences of bullying and racism. The projects goal is to build a stronger sense of community cohesion and integration.
The Chatterboxes - YMCA Bournemouth Adv,Bef,CA,PG,YP The Chatterboxes is a youth project run by disabled people from Bournemouth aged 13-25. The aim of the project is to enable young disabled people to feel safe and engaged in their community and to raise awareness of disabilities. Art-based activities are provided by the project and quarterly magazines are produced by people in the project. The project also provides a supportive community hub where friendships are created. The Chatterboxes takes place at Fusion YMCA on Tuesdays from 6pm-8pm.
The Hideout YP The Hideout is a space created by Women's Aid to provide information about domestic violence for children and young people.
The Leonado Trust Adv,NPO The Leonardo Trust is an independent charity set up in 2001 to help people in Dorset who care for a sick or disabled relative or friend. The aim of the Trust is to help provide for the special needs of the carers, advising on respite and relaxation.
The Listening Ear Adv,Cou,Tr,YP The Listening Ear is dedicated to providing the best possible counselling and training courses. Based in Bournemouth, Dorset, we provide a professional service, helping families to improve aspects of their lives that they find difficult to resolve alone.
The Mix Adv,YP The Mix supports people under 25 both online with online forums and group chats.
The Rendezvous Adv,Cou,NPO,Tr,YP We have been working with young people to the age of 25 for over 20 years. We provide counselling, advice, information and guidance, employability and training for those in need. Our work is not restricted by boundaries or post code.
The Shine Project Adv,FPG,YP The Shine project aims to provide, support, friendship and encouragement to young teenage girls, using a variety of different approaches. A free 8 week course for girls 11 - 15 years old is offered.
The Survivors Trust Adv,Cou,YP The Survivors Trust is a UK-wide national umbrella agency for 141 specialist organisations for support for the impact of rape, sexual violence and childhood sexual abuse.
Together Adv,Bef,PG,YP Together is a national charity which aims to support people with mental health issues. Together aims to support people during their recovery and provides a range of services including community support, peer support, advocacy work and accommodation based support.
Townsend Children's Project CA,PG,YP Townsend Children's Project is a children's project for 5-13 year olds. It involves arts and crafts, sports, food and fun.
Townsend Youth Centre Adv,NPO,YP Townsend Youth Centre has many high quality resources to ensure a varied and quality program is on offer to young people in Townsend.
Tregonwell Academy Information and Guidance Useful information for pupils concerning education, training and employment.
UK Youth UK Youth is a leading national charity, committed to providing access to appropriate, high quality services in every community so that young people are empowered to build bright futures, regardless of their background or circumstances.
Victim Support Adv,NPO,YP Victim Support (VS) is a independent charity for young people affected by crime and traumatic events. Their specialist teams provide individual, independent, emotional and practical help to enable people to cope and recover from the effects of crime.
WAVES Adv,Bef,NPO,YP WAVES offers both advice and information about drugs and alcohol and counselling for family mediation and parenting.
Wellbeing Weymouth & Portland Adv,YP By aiming to focus our work on you as an individual, we seek to empower and enable you on your Recovery journey, and help improve your quality of life.
Welldoing.org, England Cou,CP,YP Welldoing is an independent find a therapist directory, recently made one of two UK therapist directories recommended from the NHS choices website. We are very user-focused and aim to make finding the right mental health practitioner as easy and stress-free as possible.
Weymouth and Portland Assertive Outreach Team SSP,Adv Weymouth and Portland Assertive Outreach Team aims to help people with severe mental illness, specifically those whose needs are more complex and require additional support.
Where's Your Head At Adv,SSP,YP Where's Your Head At provides information and help about young people's mental health and emotional well-being. The website, from Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust, provides specific information for kids, teenagers, parents and carers and professionals.
Women's Aid Adv,Cou,NPO,YP Women's Aid is a national charity that co-ordinates and support an England-wide network of over 340 local domestic and sexual violence organisations working to end domestic abuse against women and children.
YMCA Bournemouth Adv,NPO,PG,YP YMCA believes that every young person should have some they can Trust. They offers different services: YMCA youth forum, peer mentoring and among other things.
YMCA Bournemouth - Dorset Special Needs Playscheme Bef,CA,PG,YP The Dorset Special Needs Playscheme, delivered by the YMCA, is an individually tailored playscheme programme for young people aged 5-18 years during the main school holidays. Support is provided by skilled and experienced play workers that work closely with a variety of professionals. Activities include arts and crafts, free play and picnics.
YMCA Bournemouth Young Citizens Adv,NPO,PG,YP YMCA Bournemouth Young Citizens provides volunteering opportunities for 11-19 year olds in schools and the community. Young Citizens involves youth-led activities on young people's interests, skills and passions.
YMCA Bournemouth Youth Forum Adv,YP The YMCA Bournemouth Youth Forum is a consultation group for all youth groups at YMCA Bournemouth. The forum is run by young people representing a range of youth projects.
You & Co. Adv,NPO,YP You & Co is Victim Support's youth programme. The programme supports young people and helps them cope with the impacts and effects of crime.
Young Adults Drug and Alcohol Service-Poole YP YADAS is a Multi-agency service for Young Adults under the age of 19 years old whose lives are being adversely affected by drugs and or alcohol who live in the Poole area.
Young Carers Service, Poole Adv,YP The Young Carers Service provides support for young carers in the Poole area.
YoungMinds Adv,NPO,Tr,YP YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. Driven by their experiences we campaign, research and influence policy and practice.
Youth Access Cou,YP Youth Access is an advice and counselling network. It is a national membership organisation for information, advice and counselling services for young people. 
Youth Cancer Trust Youth Cancer Trust provides support and free activity holidays for young people (aged 14 to 30) diagnosed and living with cancer or any malignant disease,
Youth Carers Project, Bournemouth Adv,YP The Young Carers Project provides support to young carers in the Bournemouth area.