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The course is suitable for you if:

• You are already providing peer support in their workplace and want to understand your role better.

• You are interested in becoming a peer supporter in the workplace but would like to better understand the role and what is expected from a peer supporter.

Key Themes explored in training:

  • The role of a peer supporter and what it means to you.
  • The skills and attributes that contribute to effective peer support.
  • Supporting others using SALSA (Dorset Mind’s action plan for supporting individual’s mental health).
  • How to have effective conversations with colleagues about mental health
  • The role of shared lived experience through the peer support journey.
  • How to establish and maintain boundaries in the peer support relationship.
  • Your contribution to building a culture where individuals feel supported and empowered to proactively manage their own mental health.

Learning outcomes

Using the blended learning approach you will:

  • Reflect on your own mental health journey.
  • Recognise the potential positive impact of peer support.
  • Explore your fears and concerns about the peer supporter role.
  • Understand what peer support is (and isn’t)
  • Identify the skills and attributes needed to be an effective peer supporter.
  • Explore how to apply SALSA (Dorset Mind’s action plan for supporting individual’s mental health) in your peer support role.
  • Explore the role of sharing lived experience throughout the peer support journey.
  • How to use your personal experience to support and inspire others.
  • Understand the purpose of sharing your story.
  • Establish the parts of your story you are comfortable sharing.
  • Determine the function of sharing lived experience before meeting, during initial meeting and as part of ongoing support.
  • Develop your peer support communication skills including listening empathically and asking strength-based questions.
  • Consider the boundaries and challenges of being a peer supporter.
  • Become confident at signposting an individual to appropriate mental health support.
  • Be better able to contribute to building a culture where individuals are empowered to manage their own mental wellbeing.

Bespoke Training

If there is something specific you would like us to cover in a bespoke package,
we are happy to work with you to create this training.


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