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Build Your Own Corporate Away Day

1. Choose an activity from our range of trusted partners:


Connect with your team over some team bonding activities designed to push you out of your comfort zone. Go head-to-head with your colleagues to see who has what it takes to win!


Get Active with your colleagues outside of your typical office environment, work up a sweat in a unique class designed to get your heart rate pumping!


Take notice of the beautiful landscape around us in Dorset, whilst reducing stress and connecting with your colleagues.

Layla Gordon sat at her clinic desk

Layla Gordon Nutrition

Learn more about the importance of gut health on mental health whilst cooking good, nutritional, tasty food with your colleagues.

Eco in Mind

Give back to your local community by supporting our Eco in Mind project; Improve your mood, reduce stress and enjoy the benefits of nature around you.

2. Select from one of our curated training sessions:

Courageous Conversations (for People Managers)

This course is for people managers that want to make conversations about mental health part of their everyday management. This training offers managers a comprehensive action plan they can use to assess employee mental health at work and manage those who may be experiencing poor mental health safely, supportively, and effectively.

Mental Health Awareness

This course increases delegates’ mental health awareness. Delegates will explore their own mental health and the impact it has on their lives in and out of the workplace. The role of stigma and misconception about mental ill-health on our willingness to talk openly about mental health, and the language we use in our conversation about mental health.

Managing Stress, Anxiety & Burnout

This course builds on your existing mental health awareness and helps employees develop practical coping strategies, that can be used to ease symptoms of stress and anxiety. This course helps build self-awareness through self-reflection on personal experiences, identifying sources of anxiety and stress and how they present themselves.

Boundaries & Resilience

This course aims to help individuals gain knowledge about the importance of boundaries and resilience in the workplace. The session aims to expand individuals’ knowledge on what we mean by boundaries and resilience and will hopefully help delegates gain skills in setting clear strategies to help support positive mental wellbeing.

Corporate Packages FAQs

We work with a diverse range of businesses in our Dorset community; we are adaptable, ambitious and progressive in the high quality support we provide.

Our honesty and authenticity means we build trusted relationships with businesses and their employees.

We are robust enough to make a real difference, whilst still being flexible enough to genuinely offer personal, caring support to you and your organisation.

Lastly, by investing in training your staff with Dorset Mind, you’re investing in your community. The profit made from Dorset Mind Works helps to fund our vital services.

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Managing Stress, Anxiety and Burnout
  • Boundaries and Resilience
  • Courageous Conversations which encourages people to make conversations about mental health part of their everyday routine
  • Connect – Rock Reef’s session encourages team-bonding by pushing people out of their comfort zones to compete on their climbing walls, a vertical slide and ‘Leap of Faith’ jump.
  • Get Active – R1SE Bournemouth puts your team through their paces in a unique exercise class at their gym, located in the Hilton Bournemouth.
  • Take Notice – Resurface emphasises employee wellbeing through adventurous team-building surf, yoga and cold-water sessions, set against the beach landscape at Bournemouth.
  • Learn – Layla Gordon Nutrition teaches employees about the importance of gut health and how to cook nutritional, tasty food with your colleagues.
  • Give Back – Supporting the Eco in Mind project by working on their allotments which is guaranteed to improve your mood, reduce stress and enjoy the benefits of nature around you.

Dorset Mind encourages local businesses to connect, learn and build through their ‘Minds Together’ package:

For information about booking packages, prices and availability, contact us here and select ‘Partnerships’.

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