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Mind Tools FAQs

Booking training for your employees with Dorset Mind Works helps us provide vital support services to help local people with their mental health. Any profit we make helps financially secure the future of our charity and helps enable us to deliver our mission. You are therefore helping to support people in your community – and potentially someone you might know!

  • Your Mental Health Matters
  • Courageous Conversations for Supporting Others
  • Challenging Unhelpful Thinking
  • Five Ways to Wellbeing
  • Menopause and Mental Health
  • Money and Mental Health
  • General Mental Health Awareness
  • Wellness Action Plan
  • How to Support Someone in a Crisis
  • Boundaries and Resilience
  • Mindfulness and Relaxation
  • Mood and Food
  • Stress Management
  • Exam Stress and Anxiety
  • Our Body and Mind
  • Understanding Self-Harm

To enquire or book please head to our contact page and select Training from the drop down before filling out the form.

Sponsor us

Did you know you can sponsor a training session?
This means that we can offer our expert training to people that need mental health support in our community for FREE. If you’d like to sponsor a presentation delivered by our Training Team then get in touch – We’d love to hear from you!

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