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AFC Bournemouth x Dorset Mind at Vitality Stadium

Fitness/ Wellbeing Workshop

2 Dates Available. Limited Spaces

Course Overview:

This course is suitable for those that may have experienced different types of grief and loss, as well as those that have experienced or are currently experiencing big change because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The course is suitable for:

  • People managers who want to understand how COVID-19 is impacting their team members both in and out of the workplace, and what they can do to support them.
  • Employees who want to explore how they have been impacted by COVID-19, how it may affect them in the future and what they can do to improve their mental health.

This insightful training will help delegates understand the impact of workplace losses and changes brought about by COVID-19. This includes increased home working, changes to job roles and demands, reductions in workforce due to isolation, furlough and redundancy. It will also increase understanding of the effect of external losses and changes that employees may be dealing with. Issues such as bereavement, physical and mental ill health, financial insecurity, job insecurity, and changes in childcare and education provision.

During the course, our trainers encourage delegates to explore what is happening for them, as well as consider what may be happening in their colleagues work and personal lives. Delegates will be given practical tools and coping strategies that can be used to improve their mental health during these difficult times.

Key Themes explored in the training:

  • Understanding grief, loss and big change in relation to workplace loss and change as well as external contributors
  • Strategies to cope with grief, loss and big change
  • How to normalise grieving
  • Remembering and growing around loss
  • Supporting someone else experiencing grief, loss and/or big change.

Learning outcomes

In the interactive live online session delegates will:

  • Gain a better understanding of what we mean when we talk about grief, loss and big change
  • Explore the physical, mental, social and emotional effects of grief, loss and big change
  • Become familiar with theoretical explanations of grief, loss and big change. This includes Kubler-Ross’ ‘Change Curve’ and Tonkin’s theory of ‘Growing around Grief’ 
  • Explore a range of coping strategies to support better mental health in these difficult times
  • Delegates will explore how they may support someone else who is experiencing/has experienced grief, loss and/or big change.

Feedback for the session…

“Liz, the trainer, was fantastic and guided us through a difficult topic with compassionate expertise. There was plenty of opportunity for sharing experiences and thoughts as we went through the content and we came away with some useful tools and a real understanding that whatever you’re feeling, that’s ok and completely normal. Dealing with grief does not follow a set route and it’s a different journey for everyone. Loss can still hit you full in the face when you least expect it…. but now I know that’s ok, others feel like that too. We’re not alone ❤”
Julie Cridland, Employee Experience Lead, Aster.

“During a year of enormous change, the Covid pandemic has created unprecedented challenges to our lives. I am proud to have delivered the first workshop on behalf of Dorset Mind which encompasses grief, loss and big change. It enables delegates to explore the issues they have faced and provides the opportunity to develop personal coping strategies and enhance resilience.
Liz Clough, Trainer for Dorset Mind.

Bespoke training

If there is something specific you would like us to cover in a bespoke package, we are happy to work with you to create this training.

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