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Who are Health-on-Line?

Health on-Line are a national corporation based in Dorset, whose success in supporting customers with health insurance has seen them double in size in the last five years. Health on-line were already actively fundraising for us, so the move to take our Dorset Mind Works ‘Sustain’ package was the next step for the company to show their workforce they treat the mental health of their employees seriously.

What are we doing at Health Online?

As with most of our packages, Dorset Mind started by conducted an anonymous company-wide survey which produced specific recommendations. As a direct result, we ran a series of 17 Core Mental Health Awareness sessions to give as many of the 420 employees the opportunity to attend as possible. As with the majority of our relationships, regular contact with senior leaders, continual assessment of sessions and response to feedback is key to making the programme successful.

What’s making a positive difference?

The combination of options makes a significant and real difference. Regular core awareness training and the availability of our rapid response support alongside consultancy elevates a positive mental health culture and promotes a sustainable wellbeing strategy for the future.

“Thank you for providing me with an understanding of mental wellbeing and giving me to tools to support my employees…it also made me reflect on myself.”

Health-on-line Employee

What have been the real successes so far?

The average feedback score for our high quality training is currently is 9.58 out of 10 but the real highlight is how Health-on-line have used Dorset Mind Works to elevate their own wellbeing strategy:

  • Senior leaders have shared their own wellbeing stories to be active and credible with their employees.
  • The business has adopted the principles of ‘The Five Ways to Wellbeing*’, including a social media and poster campaign. They also have a wellbeing library with internal Continuous Professional Development (CPD) offerings.
  • Wonderfully, there is also clear evidence staff are feeling empowered to look after their own wellbeing:
    1. There has been an increase in employees utilising Health Online’s Employee Assistance Programme, and of employees accessing internal support from HR and Management more often.
    2. Staff have connected and are benefitting from external resources that we’ve signposted them to, such as The Retreat and our Wellbeing Groups.

*This document, produced by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) on behalf of Foresight, sets out 5 actions to improve personal wellbeing: connect. be active. take notice, learn and give.

“The positive outcomes at Health-on-line are still ongoing and we are incredibly proud of our journey with the team at Health-on-line”

Dorset Mind Training Manager

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