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Dorset Mind Works and The Burnt Chef Project

“Dorset Mind and The Burnt Chef project won’t give up until every business across the hospitality industry is able to support itself and its employees with mental health and wellbeing”

“Dorset Mind Works will provide a one stop shop for The Burnt Chef Project and its members. We are committed to supporting those working in the hospitality industry”

Hospitality can be tough and Dorset has plenty of it as tourism is one of Dorset’s key industries. Stress and burnout are significant contributors to poor mental health within the trade.

Long unsociable hours, noise levels and physicality all contribute to 81% UK chefs experiencing poor mental health.* And only 10% of hospitality staff have received training to support health and wellbeing, or access to mentoring, health champions or mental health first aiders.**

With this in mind, Dorset Mind has teamed up with The Burnt Chef Project to tackle these mental health issues within the hospitality industry. We aim to educate and support this vital industry – and change its working conditions for better mental health.

Here’s how we’re going to do it…

Our pledge…

Dorset Mind:

The role of Dorset Mind will be to help support and attend events that raise awareness; and to provide training, support and resources. All training, support and resources will be easily accessible through this landing page. Our landing page will feature other connected support inc. hospitality specific charities, as well as linking to core support for UK mental health in the Workplace.

Dorset Mind will also ensure they hold regular training and support meetings with our Burnt Chef Ambassador, so they hold relevant knowledge and skills to fulfil their role.

The Burnt Chef Project – Dorset Mind Ambassador:

The role of the Burnt Chef Project will be to act as an ambassador for Dorset Mind and support businesses to utilise resources and support we provide.

That might be anything from one-to-one support in signing the Time to Change pledge, to facilitating crowdfunding to drive down the cost of courses to acting as an intermediary between Dorset Mind and the hospitality industry to ensure the support is relevant, effective and outcomes are monitored and reviewed by the industry and its leaders.

Supporting business leaders with commitment to action: The Burnt Chef facilitates and organises training on behalf of Dorset Mind, drives strategies for crowdfunding to reduce the cost of courses, delivers post course support and peer support to business leaders re implementing policy.

  • ‘Service With(out) a Smile’ is hospitality specific research into the effects of mental health in the workplace. It looks at looks at the mental health of the hospitality workforce and how it can be improved.
  • The ‘Thriving at Work’ independent review was created by Paul Farmer, Mind’s CEO, and Lord Dennis Stevenson of Deloitte. This report outlines the picture of mental health in the UK workplace. It includes case studies and actions businesses can take to improve workplace mental health.
  • The Licensed Trade Charity is a registered charity in the United Kingdom that cares for people working in, or retired from, the licensed drink trade and their dependents.
  • Hospitality Action have a whole range of support services to help hospitality people back on their feet again after a setback. Find out more about hospitality action.
  • View HR are an independent HR consultancy that support clients across Dorset & Hampshire. They provide all aspects of human resources and employment law.

* ‘At Boiling Point’ survey of 102 UK-based chefs. Censuswide in collaboration with Nestlé Professional® and CHEF®, March 2019.

** Excerpt taken from ‘Service With(out) a Smile?’

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