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Thanks to Gillingham Drama Club for 'Institute'

Gillingham School Drama Institute Grateful thanks to everyone that supported Gillingham School’s Green Stag Drama Club play ‘Institute.’  The play was written by the school’s drama club teacher, Marcus Armstrong. It took place over two nights in mid-June and raised a fabulous £334 for our Youth Services appeal. Deemed a success, here’s a review of the play by a student.

‘Institute’ Drama review by Maisy Hicks (year 10) –

‘Institute’ revolves around a group of teens who have survived the apocalypse.  However, when they arrive in what they think is a safe haven, they begin to make a series of discoveries that makes them wonder if they are actually safe after all. The cast, all aged between 11 and 13, did an incredible job of bringing their characters to life.  As a group, the ensemble were in sync to create a truly creepy atmosphere.  This allowed the main cast to do their thing. Beautifully acted, the cast showed a brilliant balance between banter and eeriness. ‘Lauren’ connects spiritually to two other children from the ensemble.  This was acted out magnificently and despite having minimal lines, Osian was able to create a truly harrowing atmosphere. All in all, the play captured the essence of a mental health struggle through a classic post-apocalyptic genre.  And by using a talented group of young people it created a piece of theatre really worth watching.

A word from the Author and Director about his drama

Director MarGillingham School Drama Institute2cus said, “The Lower School Drama Club started this year with the soul aim of putting on a lower school production.  And we have done exactly that.  I asked the members of Green Stag Theatre Company what they wanted in their play.  They told me: death, mental asylum, the end of the world, zombies and unicorns.” “The unicorn quickly went out the window, but the rest stuck and that became: ‘Institute’. I wrote the play, but the idea is all theirs.  It has been a privilege to watch their talent grow throughout this year.  I am immensely proud of performances from the cast and crew.  I hope they will all go on to continue with drama over the coming years.” “We did this for another reason, which was to raise money for the wonderful Dorset Mind to assist in all the great work they do to keep the important conversation on mental health going… Thank you so much to everyone who came to see it, who donated money and made the first ever Lower School Production a success!” To find out more about Gillingham School, here’s the link to their website. Save Save Save Save Save]]>

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