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Talya Tirtiryan

Services Manager

Talya is the Services Manager for the Adult Active Monitoring, Children and Young People Active Monitoring, and Triage Service teams.

Talya has played a significant role in expanding these services to multiple Primary Care Networks, contributing to improved mental health outcomes in the region. Her leadership and expertise have enabled the Active Monitoring service to evolve from a three-month pilot program to a crucial component of mental health care delivery. She also successfully piloted the Triage service as an Advanced Practitioner, significantly reducing the number of GP appointments required by patients and preventing them from having to repeat themselves to different specialists.

Talya’s academic background in Psychology and Clinical Psychology, along with her experience working as an Assistant Psychologist, equipped her with different therapeutic approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectic Behavioural Therapy.

As the Services Manager, Talya works collaboratively with the Integrated Strategic Lead to implement, deliver, and review Dorset Mind’s strategic objectives while contributing to the development of new services.

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