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I first started working in administration at a counselling charity in 2013, and started to train as a counsellor in 2014.

Whilst I worked in administration for the charity, I noticed the incredible positive influence that counselling had on our clients. This inspired me to retrain to a profession which offered this support. It also provides people with an opportunity to make important changes in their lives.

Talking therapy provides people with a safe space to be able to let another person know what it is like to be them. And what’s going on in their life. It allows people to be understood and to be heard. This can be of huge benefit to people who may believe that they are alone. Or if they feel that they are going through something unknown. Therapy is an important practise of offering someone non-judgmental support and care when they need it.

After a bit of thought I decided to use lockdown as an opportunity to learn a new skill. I am now trying to teach myself, slowly and awkwardly, to play the banjo.

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