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Marie-Clare Gale

Training Manager

Our Training Manager, Marie-Clare, has been working within mental health for around 20 years. It’s taught her the importance of empathy – and to not judge people. Marie-Clare has had ups and downs with her own mental health. It’s taught her invaluable lessons about how to keep herself well, which she works on – activating her own healthy choices and behaviours as much as she can. Marie-Clare no longer practices ‘do as I say not as I do’, she now lives by what she shares in her training sessions. 

Marie-Clare initially became a trainer for us because she wants to make a difference to others. As a manager, she wants to keep the conversation about mental health going and help to normalise feelings and emotions that people experience. This is so they will either access support or learn more about what is important to them. Working with Dorset Mind to help her own community is in her words a “no brainer!”

Marie-Clare’s one piece of advice to tell someone about how to improve their mental health would be to not compare yourself to anyone else. She believes we are unique and we need different things. We look at the world differently and so don’t base you on anyone else’s life, successes or failures. Be you!

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