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Louise started her formal training Jan 2020, and also started as a volunteer for Dorset Mind at that time.

She previously worked in a secondary school with a plan to train as a teacher. She gained many things from that time but especially an insight into a whole variety of life experiences. She also learned a better understanding of the challenges that many people face. Louise saw how a consistent and caring person can make a huge difference in someone’s life. It made her really appreciate the times when she has had those things in her own life. This led her to consider her options. Louise realised she wanted to do something where she could work closely with people and offer that consistent presence.

Louise believes that talking therapy provides a special kind of relationship. It provides a safe and confidential space for someone to talk about their world on their terms. It’s a chance to be heard and accepted without someone making judgements or giving advice. That process helps someone to gain insight into themselves and their life – and that can empower a person to make changes to improve their life.

An interesting fact about Louise: she once camped for 6 weeks within the Arctic Circle at the base of a glacier. She got bitten a lot by mosquitos – and it was light all day and all night!

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