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Leonie is a Freelance Trainer for Dorset Mind. She is a mum, wife and educational enthusiast.  Leonie has extensive experience in schools and educational leadership and was an innovative Headteacher for 8 years before setting up her own company delivering training and coaching in schools.

Leonie is continually curious about people and learning and enjoys creating and delivering immersive learning experiences which have practical applications beyond the time in the classroom.

As a headteacher Leonie was always very aware of the impact of the environment and events on children’s and adult mental health. Leonie has awareness of stress, trauma and burnout and as a result of this she has developed some really useful tools that support her own wellbeing. Sharing her experiences, talking about her own mental health and reducing the stigma is the reason Leonie joined as Dorset Mind Trainer.

If there is one thing Leonie feels is really important for everyone she meets, trains and work with to know it is that ‘pausing’ is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.  Making time for yourself is not selfish but a strategy for good self-care which provides a space to apply some compassion, kindness and gentle reflection.  These are all the things we will willingly give to others but need reminding and permission to give to ourselves.

When she is not in a classroom, Leonie loves long beach and forest walks with the family and being creative with mini art projects at home.

Leonie is passionate about working with Dorset Mind. She considers it a privilege to work with such knowledgeable, experienced and collaborative colleagues supporting the local community with their mental health.

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