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Kathryn started training to be a counsellor five years ago and has been counselling clients for over three years. Last year she completed her Level 4 Diploma and registered as an Ethical Counsellor with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. She also has more than twenty years’ experience supporting people in educational environments. Kathryn has also brought up two children, who are now young adults.

Kathryn attended an evening course which was ‘An Introduction to Counselling’ while she was working at a local college. She was curious about counselling and wondered if it was for her, knowing that she wanted to help people at a personal level. Enjoying the course and what she had learnt, she decided to study it further. “It is one of the most fulfilling things that I have done. Each time I completed a level I was hungry for more.”

Engaging with clients and really listening to them in an empathic, honest and non-judgemental way gives Kathryn huge satisfaction. She has become aware how beneficial it is to build a therapeutic relationship and provide a safe space where people can experience acknowledgement and acceptance of their feelings. Enabling people to grow in confidence and understand and accept themselves better feels like the most worthwhile way to spend time.

Kathryn is quite a small person, being barely five foot tall on a good day! She is fascinated by the fact that she does not feel small. It is only in relation to others that she realises her comparative lack of height. It must be no accident that she often surrounds herself with short friends! She enjoyed being the second tallest person in her family for eleven years. This is when her daughter became taller than her, followed a few years later by her son. Alas! Kathryn then became the shortest person in the family, again.

However, she finds that it often makes people feel protective towards her, although “I warn them not to underestimate me.”

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