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Ellie Rainbird


I’ve always wanted to help people in some way. Through developing an interest in mental wellbeing and how it impacts our lives and my own lived experience, this was the path I wanted to explore further. I found Dorset Mind when researching local volunteering opportunities and saw the amazing work they do and services they offer, and I wanted to get involved.

When I finished school, I embarked on a journey into wellness, determined to educate myself and start living a healthier life after a period of feeling very stressed, tired, low and generally rubbish. I began eating more balanced, nutritious food and exercising regularly, I introduced meditation practice and gratitude journaling into my daily routine. I then started to notice positive changes in my mood, how much my headspace and outlook had changed from before and how joy in the little things became easier to find. The importance of mental wellbeing was talked about more and more in the things I was learning about, and my interest in it continued to grow.

In the last two years, I experienced my own struggles with anxiety, recurring low mood and feelings of loneliness. I felt the impact poor mental health has on our physical health. I now hope to help other people going through similar feelings, to get the support they need in their own journey.

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