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Hi, I’m Carly, and I am a Trainee person-centred Counsellor. My counselling journey began in 2018 when I decided to pursue my dream of helping people who are experiencing mental ill health, and I started my counselling training. I’ve been in training ever since and I am currently in the final year of my Level 4 diploma.

I spent most of my adult life for 20 years, working as a Civil Servant, mainly working with the public in local Job Centres. I had lots of roles, but my favourite was working as a Disability Employment Advisor. Within this role I dealt with people who needed help for a variety of different reasons. The people I advised were either Physically Disabled, Physically or Mentally in poor health or were Neuro-diverse. Despite my extensive training in these areas, I became frustrated as my impact was limited. Some people needed more help than I could offer in that role. I felt more support was needed for people suffering with mental health problems and I became interested in counselling.

Then 6 years ago, I fell ill with a life changing chronic illness. This changed my whole life, and as a result of this I experienced mental health problems. I sought counselling for myself during this period, and for me that process was life-changing. This is why I am so passionate about talking therapies, in particular person-centred counselling. The space it gives you to reflect, learn and understand yourself, whilst being listened to and understood without fear of judgement is truly special in my opinion.

It is the reason I followed my passion and started my journey to becoming a counsellor.

A quirky fact about me is that I rescued a rather large Romanian dog – who has captured my heart but ruined my home!

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