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I’m Beth and I’ve been at Dorset Mind since August 2020. I am part of the Adult Services Counselling team.

I was a lecturer in higher education for nearly 15 years before I started my counselling journey. Commonly I saw mental health problems in our students and provided pastoral support to many that were experiencing significant mental ill health. Over time, I became frustrated with the limited impact that I was able to have on their lives. I could see that many were really struggling with their mental health, and I wanted to do more. I developed a long-term plan of becoming a counsellor.

I have lived experience of generalised anxiety disorder, PTSD and depression. For much of my late teens, 20s and into my 30s I was really quite unwell. For years, I struggled to access the right treatment, particularly talking therapy. So I am incredibly passionate about the work that Dorset Mind does in providing accessible counselling to our local community.

I am a Trainee Placement Counsellor with Dorset Mind and STARS Dorset. I work in a person-centred way putting the client at the heart of our work together. It is important to me that my clients feel heard and understood and are able to talk freely without fear of judgement. Led by my clients, we work together to explore whatever they want to focus on. I empower them to reflect on what may be happening for them and to process any uncomfortable or difficult feelings they may be having. Starting counselling can be daunting, so I do my best to ensure that my clients feel comfortable and supported through the process.

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