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Ben started studying with an introduction to counselling in 2018 and has been studying ever since. He currently works as a support worker for a national drug and alcohol service and has been working at the same time that he has been studying. He is currently completing Level 4 diploma in counselling.

Having been supported by counsellors and therapists as part of his own personal journey, Ben really wanted to give back and help/support as many people as he could to find their own voices. He wanted to be that person someone can come to and feel heard, understood and held in a non judgmental and confidential manner – exactly the same way that he was. His current role involves a lot of 1-2-1 work, so Ben wanted to specialise in counselling and learn the skill set associated with talking therapy – so he could best work with people that most need that extra support.

Ben knows there is no shame to reach out for a helping hand – he would not be where he is today without the support and talking therapy that he has had. Being able to talk and think things through in a space that was just his to explore his own thoughts and feelings was invaluable to his own growth and self development. Talking therapy takes the power out of the thoughts that can so often cause distress when not vocalised. Having a safe space that is just yours, set aside only for you to tap into anything you want it, could be the start of very special journey with yourself, in a very similar way it was for Ben.

Miscellaneous fact about Ben – he once lived in Madrid to learn Spanish. He’s looking forward to meeting you!

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