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Darcie Cooper

I joined Dorset Mind as I feel really passionate about raising awareness regarding mental health, as it is something that…

Megan Whitehead

Megan Whitehead is an ambassador at Dorset Mind. I wanted to do my bit to help others and when this opportunity came up, I knew it was right for me!

Craig Eldridge

My name is Craig Eldridge, I moved to Dorset in 2014. Between the years of 20017 and 2010 I had an eating disorder. I was scared that food would make me ill, so I tried to avoid it anyway I could. Over the years I had highs and lows of getting over it. Today I’m in a really good place, I have my mental health under control. I know what triggers me, what I can do to prevent these triggers, but also ways to deal with them if they ever happen. Its been a long and tough journey, but I’m glad I stuck with it every day.

Ellie Rainbird

My name is Ellie Rainbird and I am an Ambassador at Dorset Mind. I’ve always wanted to help people in some way. Through developing an interest in mental wellbeing and how it impacts our lives and my own lived experience, this was the path I wanted to explore further. I found Dorset Mind when researching local volunteering opportunities and saw the amazing work they do and services they offer, and I wanted to get involved.

Chris Tshuma

I wanted to raise awareness about the importance of good mental health and decided to challenge myself and run every day for a year. I was searching for a charity to partner with, and a friend told me about Dorset Mind.  I was instantly sold once I’d read about all the incredible work they’re doing in our community.

Lucy Lewis

I originally joined Dorset Mind as a social media and marketing assistant during my placement year for my degree. I’ve continued as an ambassador since achieving my degree in psychology a year ago. I have since found employment as an assistant psychologist on a personality disorder ward in a mental health hospital. I plan to continue gaining experience before (hopefully) returning to university to gain a doctorate in clinical psychology. Ultimately, I want to qualify as a clinical psychologist.

Ty Temel

Hey, my name is Ty. I’m 32 years old and local to Bournemouth. I’m in the leisure and hospitality sector where I own and operate bars, clubs and restaurants and also organise large events alongside an amazing team that have been with me from the beginning.

Chandy Green

Hi, my name is Chandy. I am 25 and live in Bournemouth. I’m a social work graduate turned consultant and content creator. I run an online blog and podcast which looks at the wellbeing and the lived experiences of people around the world. 

Toby Kenneally

I have been lucky enough to be a part of the fantastic team at Dorset Mind as an ambassador for 4 years. Initially I was Bournemouth Rugby Club’s mental health support, and a wellbeing advocate within rugby and men’s mental health.

Lauryn Ekins

Lauryn is currently a Bournemouth University student studying Business with Human Resource Management. She undertook a placement year at Dorset Mind in 2022, working alongside an amazing team (her words) doing marketing, fundraising and events.
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