Case Studies – befriending

Here are four case studies that capture the benefits of befriending – both from the volunteer and the client’s point of view:

Joanne’s story as told by Barbara – Case Study No. 1

Befriending Case Study 1

Joanne’s confidence blossomed as a direct result of being befriended.  See here for her case study, as told by her befriender, Barbara.

Edward’s story as told by Johnny – Case Study No. 2

Befriending Case Study 2

Johnny was able to give Edward practical help when he realised that his mental health difficulties were exaggerated by not being able to readHere’s how Johnny helped Edward here.

Irene’s story as told by Julia – Case Study No. 3

Befriending Case Study 3

By volunteering as a befriender Julia also felt rewarded by the time spent with her clientRead about the incredible affect she had on Irene’s life here.

Our Adult Befriending Coordinator John’s Story – Case Study No. 4

John's Befriending Case Study




Our Adult Befriending Coordinator, John explains why people enjoy their volunteer befriending role, he says “I totally understand the anxieties around things like using public transport, and so for me to be able to help people become more independent and feel happier in social situations is hugely rewarding.”

Our first three case studies are from January 2017, John’s feedback is from February 2018.  All stories are true.  Please note however, that we have changed all names (except John’s) to protect our client’s privacy.  All images are from a photo library.