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PRESS RELEASE: Grant won to help women and girls in rural Dorset

Women in Mind disadvanted women

PRESS RELEASE: Mental Health Charity Attains Dorset Community Foundation Tampon Tax Grant.

Bournemouth, UK, Wednesday 16th January 2019. Pioneering mental health charity, Dorset Mind, announce today it has won a £4,500 grant from the Dorset Community Foundation. It will fund a new support group for women and girls in rural Dorset called Women in Mind, for a year.

One in four adults will have a diagnosable mental health condition at some point in their lives. According to the Mental Health Foundation, women particularly struggle with issues such as depression, self-harm anxiety, dementia, eating disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Women are also more likely to be treated for a mental health problem than men. That’s 29% women compared to 17% men (2019).

The Department of Health and Social Care and Agenda agree, but highlight mental health is more prevalent in younger women. Over a quarter, (26%) experiencing a common mental disorder, such as anxiety or depression. This is almost three times more than young men – 9.1% (The Women’s Mental Health Taskforce, 2018).

The challenge of rural Dorset

CEO of Dorset Mind, Marianne Storey explains, “In Dorset, we also have many rural areas as part of our geographical layout which, due to location and lack of public transport, means many residents don’t have access to the support services for women and girls offered in Bournemouth for example. It’s our intention to remove barriers to women receiving treatment and support for poor mental health across the Dorset conurbation.

“We intend to replicate our successful Bournemouth Women in Mind mental health support group across rural parts of North Dorset. Our aim is to support more women with mental health illnesses.”

What takes place at Women in Mind?

Women in Mind is a female only peer-to-peer discussion and support group. It gives women and girls the opportunity to talk about their feelings and mental health in a safe and confidential environment. We deliver workshops, education programmes and practical advice. It helps women and girls manage their mental health on a daily basis while supporting them towards full recovery.

Dorset Mind’s Women in Mind Bournemouth support group takes place at the Kinson Community Centre, Pelhams Park. The group runs weekly on Wednesdays from 1.00pm until 3.00 p.m.

See our website for more information about times and location of the new Women in Mind support group. It will start this summer:

About the Dorset Community Foundation

The Dorset Community Foundation is a local charitable foundation that makes grants to support grassroots groups. They work with local businesses, funders and government to create tailored programmes of grant-making that respond to the needs and assets of communities.


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