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Shout Out Loud for World Mental Health Day

PRESS RELEASE: ‘Shout out Loud’ for World Mental Health Day

Dorset based singer/songwriter Keiran Knowles is due to release his second single, Shout Out Loud at midnight 9th October. The song encourages listeners to talk to someone and not to be afraid to ‘Shout Out Loud’ about how they feel, especially if they are struggling with their mental wellbeing. 

Its timely release coincides with World Mental Health Day on the 10th October 2020. The theme this year recognises the need for greater investment in mental health. This is particularly pertinent after the global pandemic, from which we’ve not yet witnessed the true impact othe virus. Long-term effects from loneliness and isolation are set to impact the mental health of our communities.  

Dorset Mind is working with Keiran to promote the single. He’s also generously donating all profits to the local mental health charity 

Marianne Storey, CEO of Dorset Mind comments,

We were honoured to be asked by Keiran to collaborate with the promotion of ‘Shout Out Loud’. The song emphasises the importance of expressing your feelings clearly and helps to spread awareness of mental health, which is something we at Dorset Mind are passionate about.” 

Dr Andrew Mayers, Dorset Mind Patron and Principal Academic at Bournemouth University adds,

 At Dorset Mind we have frequently used music as a medium to raise awareness about mental health. Several of our ambassadors have a musical background, so we are delighted to see Keiran continue that tradition. 

“We also recognise the benefits of speaking out. All too often the stigma towards mental health prevents people from talking and seeking help. Keiran will help show more people how speaking up is so beneficial. It is the first step on the road to recovery.” 

When asked what inspired him to write the song, Keiran comments: 

The inspiration came from personal experience. At the time of writing ‘Shout Out Loud’ I was having frequent anxiety attacks and felt as though I was floating through life on a level where I was neither happy nor sad.” 

He hopes that the release of ‘Shout Out Loud’ will help someone listening who may be struggling to gather the courage to talk about their mental health. He also wants to spread awareness that mental health is a serious issue throughout the world. 

Music has long been documented as having a positive effect on mental healthStudies have shown that the levels of dopamine (the feel-good neurotransmitter) were found to be up to 9% higher when participants listened to music they enjoyedMusic can be used as therapy to help reduce stress levels, anxiety and depression symptoms and low mood. 

Kieran describes the effect music has on his own mental health: 

“Music is something that can grab your soul in the darkest of times and pull you into the light. I can hear a song on the radio and instantly have a memory from when I was growing up. The same goes for writing, if I’m feeling down or stressed or even happy, those emotions come right out onto paper and it really helps take the weight off my shoulders.” 

The single is available to download and stream from all music retailers and online channels. The song also has a video to accompany it – which was shot locally. They are both released on 9th October. You can pre-order before the 9th or purchase after release via this link HERE.

Are you struggling with your mental health? 

Dorset Mind provides a variety of support options across Dorset. Their resilience-focused 1-2-1 and group support educates people about the signs and symptoms of mental ill-health and supports people to identify and develop new coping skills. The content of their services is preventative and restorative and aims to help people regain confidence and social skills. 

Dorset Mind offers a range of support across Dorset for adults and young people; and a wealth of information and signposting – please follow this link. 

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