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The June 500 Bournemouth Beach

PRESS RELEASE: Inspirational local entrepreneurs advocate benefits of exercise

Inspirational local entrepreneurs advocate benefits of exercise on mental health for new June 500 Challenge!

Local Bournemouth businessmen Ty Temel, Jamie Whisken and Ben Reynolds, founders of R1SE Gym, have teamed up with Dorset Mind once again to inspire local people to reap the benefits of exercise on mental health and raise vital funds for the mental health charity at the same time.

Almost 200 people took part in ‘The June 500’ last year. We challenged people to travel 500 kilometres in the month of June by running, swimming, walking or cycling. The distance is approximately the same as travelling from Bournemouth to Paris – and is no mean feat to achieve. The trio intend to smash the funds they raised last year. The donations made a big difference to the charity which saw a drop in income during the Covid19 pandemic.

The original idea was born from harnessing the benefits that exercise has on mental wellbeing. The three founders had experience of this themselves, having focused on improving their own fitness whist their businesses were forced to close during the lockdowns.

This year, the challenge will be a motivator as people return to work and their ‘normal lives.’

They may have less spare time but a greater need to focus on their mental wellbeing. Bearing this in mind, the trio encourage people to enter in pairs, groups or teams to help spread the distance. They know that raising funds is even more important for Dorset Mind this year. Demand for their services soared during lockdown – and shows no signs of slowing.

Our founders’ comments…

Ty says, We were absolutely blown away by the effect the challenge had last year, it brought a real sense of community and togetherness when people needed it most. We got people off the sofa and out enjoying their local areas and nature, which is vital for wellbeing. It was such a success; we feel compelled to do it again in 2021. We need to reinforce the message for people to look after themselves, keeping mentally and physically fit. Two hundred people were involved last year, plus many donations and supporters, we would love to get the same or even more this year to support mental health.

Ben comments, I’m excited for us to launch #TheJune500 again in 2021. This is a success story for mental health that we want to build upon and grow. Last year, the challenge brought togetherness at a time of separation. We united behind this amazing campaign and it was so touching to see all the social posts and messages of the community getting mobilised and engaged. As the world moves faster in 2021, the need for community spirit, a personal challenge and increased physical movement is key to people embracing and preparing themselves for the new normality. Mental health awareness is more crucial now than ever, so we want to facilitate raising funds and increasing conversations.

Jamie adds, It seems a ‘no-brainer’ to do #TheJune500 again this year. We were taken back not only by the amount raised last year, but the real affect it had on mental wellbeing. We all had feedback and messages of thanks for motivating people to get out and about. It is just as crucial a year that we maintain that focus and prioritise taking time for ourselves and look after our minds.

The impact of fundraising

Dorset Mind’s Chief Executive, Marianne Storey comments, “We’re extremely grateful to Ty, Ben and Jamie for leading this incredible challenge again. The impact their fundraising had for Dorset Mind last year was colossol. They helped us stabalise during very uncertain times for the charity. This in turn enabled us to provide support for people that needed our help to survive lockdown.

Last year the pandemic forced us all to became very aware about our own mental health and we encouraged people to have open conversations about their wellbeing.

This year we hope The June 500 will achieve this and help us provide a wide range of 1-2-1 and group therapies for people to access when they do want to reach out for our support.”

Dorset Mind Patron and Principal Academic at Bournemouth University, Dr Andy Mayers, added, It’s really great to see June 500 happening again this year, thanks to Ty, Ben and Jamie. This is a timely opportunity to show how we can use activity to maintain good physical and mental health, and wonderful way to raise much needed funds so that we can support mental health across Dorset. While we still don’t know the full impact of the pandemic on mental health, we do need make sure Dorset Mind is ready to provide that support. We can only do that with funding.

While a target of reaching 500 kilometres in June may seem a little daunting, it’s worth remembering that it can be a team effort, which could make the challenge fun too.

Special thanks from Dorset Mind and the founders of The June 500 to Elaine Walker of Verde Marketing.

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If you need support for your mental health, visit our ‘Help and Support’ pages for details of what we offer across Dorset.

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