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PRESS RELEASE: BRAND NEW Surf and Yoga wellbeing programme SELLS OUT in days!

As part of its ‘Get Set To Go’ programme, Dorset Mind has partnered with Resurface to provide an affordable 12-week course of structured activity. It’s aimed at adults aged 30+, who want to improve their mental wellbeing.  

Co-founder and lead facilitator for Resurface, Nicole Grilo is a psychological therapist, researcher and surf coach, with a passion for improving mental wellbeing and utilising alternative modes of therapeutic intervention. She explains;  

‘Resurface contributes to social prescribing and creates a space where you can be proud to take care of your overall wellbeing’. 

The ethos behind Resurface is to utilise proven therapeutic benefits of surfing, yoga and cold-water immersion to offer a lifestyle activity programme for people looking to improve their mental health and quality of life. 

Starting on the 27th September, the programme centres on developing a positive sense of belonging and purpose by helping create a peer supported community.  The experts at Resurface will create a learning environment that empowers emotional support between people. Resurface believes that people who have faced and overcome adversity can offer mentorship to others facing similar challenges and experiences. 

This is the first programme of its kind for Dorset Mind’s ‘Get Set to Go’ programme and it’s proved to be extremely popular – all 16 places sold out within a couple of days. The charity’s subsidy means the 12-weeks course costs only £25, making this programme of activity more accessible to members of the community. 

The partnership fits in perfectly with Get Set to Go’s aim to improve the quality of life for anyone with a mental health problem through access to sport and physical activity in their local community. It also makes the most of Dorset’s beautiful coastline environment.  

Co-founder of Resurface Sam Glyn-Jones, local therapist, surf instructor and yoga/cold-water enthusiast say

Dorset Mind have been fantastic to work in partnership with during the development of this programme and it is so exciting for Resurface to be a part of offering something very different and unique. This programme promises to provide a sense of community and to allow people to experience ways to be active that they may not usually have the chance to’. 

Dorset Mind’s Chief Executive, Marianne Storey comments on the wellbeing programme

We are extremely excited to be able to offer the Resurface programme to the Dorset Community at a subsidised rate. It gives people the opportunity to take part in a fantastic activity that is proven to have a therapeutic benefit to mental health – people who wouldn’t normally be able to take part in such an activity, and on our beautiful local beaches too. It’s such a great combination.

 The positive benefits of keeping active on your mental wellbeing have been especially highlighted during the Coronavirus pandemic. So, this is the first of many of these types of activities that we are hoping to organize. It is so crucial, now more than ever, that we, as communities, find new ways to support each other with our mental wellbeing. We MUST talk more openly about mental health and talk about the kinds of things we can all do to stay as mentally healthy as possible

This programme is one great way that we can do that. But there are many more ways – there’s lots of useful information on our website and I would urge people to take a look and see how else we can all stay healthy, keep talking, look out for each other and seek help when we need it.  

Dorset Mind Patron and Principal Academic at Bournemouth University, Dr Andy Mayers adds 

I am delighted to see these new programmes. We know that taking exercise and interacting with natural environments boosts mental health, so this is a win-win. We are so lucky in Dorset to have such a fantastic coastline. This programme will help people enjoy that while having the opportunity to talk about their mental wellbeing. By talking, those taking part in these activities can share positive ways to improve wellbeing and explorstrategies to build resilience that can reduce the likelihood of developing poor mental health.   

*Five Ways to Wellbeing: Evidence suggests there are 5 steps you can take to improve your mental health and wellbeing. Trying these things could help you feel more positive and able to get the most our of life. Find out more here

Dorset Mind offers a range of support across Dorset for adults and young people; and a wealth of information and signposting – please follow this link. 

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