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Fitness/ Wellbeing Workshop

2 Dates Available. Limited Spaces

Act Against Bullying 

Act Against Bullying aims to offer practical advice for people aged under 18 who are being bullied. The charity is run by volunteers and provides a wealth of information to support people who are being bullied. The charity also runs a range of campaigns to promote anti-bullying.

If you are being bullied and need advice please email Act Against Bullying on

Anti-Bullying Alliance 

Anti-Bullying Alliance is a collection of organisations and individuals who strive to work towards safe environments in which bullying does not exist. Anti-Bullying Alliance has a number of objectives that their members work towards. These include raising the awareness of bullying and its effects on children and young people, creating an environment in which it is agreed that bullying is unacceptable, and to make sure that teachers, youth practitioners, parents, carers, children and young people are equipped with efficient skills and knowledge to address bullying effectively.

Anti-Bullying Alliance runs a range of programmes that address specific aspects of bullying behaviour. A vast amount of information is also available regarding types of bullying and advice for people who are being bullied, parents, schools and teachers and people who were bullied as a child. Information regarding making a complaint about bullying is also available.

Bullies Out 

Bullies Out is an anti-bullying charity which works with schools, colleges and youth and community settings across the UK and Ireland. Bullies Out has an award-winning peer mentor programme called Peer2Peer and also has a number of interactive workshops that address different types of bullying and bullying issues. Information regarding bullying is also available for parents, employees and employers.

Bullying Intervention Group

The Bullying Intervention Group (BIG) is a social enterprise which administers the BIG award (the national award for excellence in bullying intervention. The Bullying Intervention Group aims to prevent and reduce bullying, reward effective bullying intervention practice and make communities safer and more accessible.

Ditch the Label 

Ditch the Label is one of the world’s largest charities which promotes pro-equality and anti-bullying. Ditch the Label is a digital charity which aims to empower people aged 12-25 to overcome bullying. Their main objectives are to provide innovative support, produce world-class pioneering research, to collaborate and to change the world.

Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough aims to make the Internet safer for children and families. A variety of research relating to a number of topics including internet safetycyberbulling and social media is accessible via their website.


Kidscape is a registered charity which works to prevent bullying and protect livesAdvice and information is provided for children, families and professionals. Their anti-bullying parent advice line is available to offer guidance and support for parents, carers or family members who are concerned about a child or young person being bullied in person or over social platforms or phones.

Please call 07496 682785. Lines are open Monday and Thursdays 9:30am – 2:30pm (exc. bank holidays)

The CyberSmile Foundation

The CyberSmile Foundation is a non-profit organization which aims to tackle all forms of digital abuse and bullying online.. The CyberSmile Foundation’s  Global Support Service aims to support victims of cyberbullying and online abuse. Trained support advisors, many of which have been in similar situations, work to provide tailored help. If you would like to contact them please email as much about your problem to and an advisor will make contact .


ThinkuKnow is an online resource which is tailored for different age ranges and groups. It provides advice and information about online safety. 

UK Safer Internet Centre 

The UK Safer Internet Centre provides e-safety tips, advice and resources for young people and children. Their Hotline provides a place for people to anonymously report child sexual abuse images and videos. 

If you are a professional who works with children or young people and you have online safety concerns please call them on their helpline.

Tel: 0344 381 4772. Lines are open Monday- Friday 10am – 4pm.

Or you can email them on

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