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Confidentiality – what is shared in the group stays in the group (with the exceptions listed in the Dorset Mind Confidentiality policy).  Never identify someone as a member of the group in another setting.  Also, judge if it is ok to speak to someone in another setting by the way they respond to your greeting.  We all need to respect each other’s need for privacy and boundaries.

Listening – please remember to allow someone to finish speaking before you begin.

Focus – please keep to the subject in hand, when a particular topic has been agreed to be discussed, or check with the group about changing the subject.

Participation – everyone will be enabled to participate fully in a way which suits them and respects others.  Members can withdraw from any activity they are uncomfortable with.

Respect – please respect others’ difference and their views (even when they are different to your own).  This may involve exercising tolerance and listening without judgment.

Consensus – we make decisions jointly in the group – and agree to disagree at times!

Shared Responsibility – it is our group to develop positively as we wish and we are all involved.

Safe Space – the intention is to always provide a safe haven where we can develop trust in each other: be supportive and supported.  If the group facilitator believes that a member’s conduct is not contributing to a safe environment, then (s)he may decide to discuss the person’s behaviour with them individually.

Group Facilitator – our group facilitator will regularly consult with the group about the development of the group.  Our group facilitator will ensure that everyone is included and no-one monopolises the group.

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