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Feedback from Volunteer Befrienders…

“My favourite thing was being able to listen to another person and being able to help a little in their recovery and wellbeing. I found the whole case incredibly interesting, from his past experiences, his drawings to the way he perceived life.”

This volunteer would recommend volunteering with Dorset Mind to a friend/relative and would consider volunteering again. Volunteered for 5 months (and counting).  Received July 2019.

“I have found specifically to volunteering for Dorset Mind, the immense amount of support and information you are given prior to starting and throughout has been invaluable. It has been a pleasure and honour to volunteer for such a highly reputable charity that reaches out and helps so many people.”

Feedback received July 2019.

This volunteer’s favourite thing about volunteering for Dorset Mind was “meeting genuine, caring and interesting staff, other volunteers and obviously my clients!”

Feedback received July 2019, volunteer had completed 1 year with us.

Being an Adult Befriending Volunteer has been important to the volunteer as it has “given some better understanding of mental health and how to support people.”

The volunteer has “learnt a bit about myself and my future career direction” and will “try and apply skills learnt in personal and work life, possibly volunteering further.”

Volunteered for 1 year to April 2019.

Since becoming a Befriending Volunteer, a number of things are different in this volunteer’s life “Confidence, sense of wellbeing. Independence, anger management, being aware of other people’s feelings and a sense of humour.”

This volunteer would recommend being involved with Dorset Mind as it “Helps with their social skills, there’s a team of professionals to talk to.”

Received September, 2018.

“It is my first volunteering experience and it has built my confidence to do something similar in the future.”

This volunteer would recommend volunteering with Dorset Mind, feedback received July 2018.

“It offers a very hands-on way of helping other people. Volunteering for Dorset Mind helps you to be aware that no-one needs to be isolated.”

Comments from a former Befriending Volunteer, June 2018 who had volunteered for 4.5 years. They said they would recommend volunteering with Dorset Mind to a friend/relative and would consider volunteering again.


Feedback from Volunteer Clients…

Feedback received from a Befriending Client who wanted a Befriending Volunteer to “increase in confidence, using my friendship skills and look forward to socialising.” Their expectations were met “its an amazing challenge, but great fun. Having someone to listen to you makes you socialise and enjoy it.”

They would recommend the service. Received July 2019.

“Great improvement on self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem… Reduced social anxiety, (increased) self-belief, feel more at ease talking to people.”

Feedback received from a Befriending Client, 2019.

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