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Feedback from Participants, July 2019

“Coming to the group gives me confidence in myself. It’s given me a chance to come out of my shell and make more friends, before I was very shy. It’s changed my life.”

“This is the first support group that I’ve attended after being isolated at home. I still struggle with socialising and I cannot always get to each session, but the Active in Mind group has helped me a lot. It’s increased my self-confidence and broadened my knowledge of other support groups.”

“The group has made me more positive and confident. It has made me think about doing other things and being more physically active.”

“The group has increased my confidence to consider looking forward to getting work at some point.”

“Coming to the group has made me less isolated and has helped build my confidence in being a social setting.”

“I have enjoyed being more active and feeling more confident in speaking with people.”


A Service User, February 2016

What are your reasons for attending Active in Mind?

“To improve my wellbeing, motivation and social circle”

What have you gained or has anything changed since coming?

“I have more confidence in going out and going somewhere, I haven’t achieved 100% but about 60% as a ball park figure”

What are your hopes, goals and areas you want to focus on in the future?

“To allay fears of going out, becoming less anxious and spending more of my time constructively”

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