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Dorset Mind offers a range of safe, wellbeing support services that can be tailored and mixed to meet your needs. They aim to develop and improve positive mental wellbeing for everyone.

Our support can be divided into ‘Group support’ and ‘One to one support.’

Group support consists of talking groups that encourages led-discussions and activity based groups that help get people moving. Our groups are led by professional facilitators and you are able to access peer-support from people that might have similar experiences to you.

One-to-one support includes active monitoring, befriending, counselling and mentoring. This kind of support is for anyone who is ready to take active steps to work towards recovery. This support aims to improve your confidence and increase your self-esteem.

In addition, we’ve compiled a whole host of useful mental health resources and signposting to help you find the support you deserve. Our self-care resources are also at your fingertips, so that you can take steps to improve your own wellbeing.

Need Urgent Help?

If you or someone else is in serious risk of death or injury, call 999 and ask for police, fire and/or ambulance.

For other crisis situations, follow the link below.

Get help now

Group Support

New online support

We understand how hard this time can be and we have created an online group timetable for you. We’ve had to alter some of the times to be able to do this, so please check out the dates and what each group provides on the group’s page.

If you are interested in attending any of our online groups, please email and we will contact you direct and support you to log in to these groups.

MONDAYActive in Mind
(Currently a waiting list)
Every Monday2 - 4pm
TUESDAYWellbeing VerwoodGroup currently pausedGroup currently paused
TUESDAYWomen in Mind Bournemouth
(currently a waiting list)
Every Tuesday10am - 12pm
WEDNESDAYWellbeing Bournemouth
(currently a waiting list)
Wednesday Fortnightly (see page for details)10.30am - 12.30pm
MindOut Bournemouth LGBTQ+ Every Thursday2 - 4pm
Active in Mind Dorset-wide
(currently a waiting list)
Every Thursday on Zoom platform2 - 4pm

Please see below for the types of group support we offer:

Active in Mind

Our activity-based groups encourage people with mild mental health difficulties to engage in activities to improve their wellbeing.

Carers in Mind

A monthly support group to help carers take a break from caring and focus on themselves and their own self-care.


MindOut is a safe, confidential and accepting space for LGBTIQ+ people that want to develop positive mental health.

Restored Eating Disorders

A peer-support discussion group which helps people to gain support from others who are experiencing similar challenges.

The GAP Ecotherapy Project

Our wellbeing ecotherapy service supports people to develop positive mental health through meaningful and therapeutic ecotherapy.

Wellbeing in Mind

A peer support service for people
that would like to develop positive mental health and wellbeing.

Women in Mind

Provides a safe, secure and understanding environment in which women with mental health problems can support each other.

Three people running outside in a park

Getting Active

Getting active will improve your wellbeing, increase your self-esteem and make you feel more energised!

Get Set To Go

We aim to improve the quality of life for anyone with a mental health problem through access to sport and physical activity in the local community.

One-to-one support

Please see below for the type of one-to-one support we currently offer:

Active Monitoring

Active Monitoring is a series of one-to-one sessions with an experienced practitioner, focusing on a pathway to improve your wellbeing.


Our accredited 1-2-1 Befriending service
pairs trained volunteers with people
who want to improve their
confidence and self-esteem.

Useful Resources

We know that we can’t always provide the support you need. But we can signpost you to local and national organisations and services. First appointments can also be very daunting – we can help you find the words to talk to your GP.

Follow the links below – we hope you get the support you deserve.

Your GP and You

Find out how to get the support you need in the few minutes you have with your GP. We’ve included some handy tips and videos to help you talk to your GP.

Helpful Mental Health Resources by Subject

Find details of useful organisations and resources sorted by subject here.

Local Services

Find local support in Dorset for your mental health issues listed here in alphabetical order.

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