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Don’t just take it from us that our volunteers find their experience volunteering with us a positive, beneficial and rewarding one... we can show you!

Here are some amazing testimonies below for you, from past and present volunteers about their time volunteering with Dorset Mind.

“It has become clear to me in a short time just how supportive the Dorset Mind team is and how passionate you all are about the work you do. This is infectious and as a volunteer it makes you feel welcome, valued and that you are part of something which is making a real difference. That isn’t always the case in volunteer roles or teams and it’s something you should all be very proud of. Thank you..”
Volunteer, October 2022

“I continue to be significantly impressed by the care and support that Dorset Mind has given me, as a volunteer with a life-long mental health condition. I feel fully engaged and involved in the work of my team and understand the importance of our role in relation to the rest of the organisation. Dorset Mind rightly deserves its status as a Best Employer”

Adult Services Volunteer, 2022

“Volunteering with Dorset Mind has made me feel confident and can provide a little support to family and friends when needed.    Dorset Mind has bought the best out of me as a person. I am glad to be onboard with the team. ”
Volunteer, November 2022

“Why I feel proud to be a volunteer with Dorset Mind is being able to help people by being there for them. Witnessing and helping them speak out their day-to-day struggles. What I really like is getting to meet people I would never otherwise would get to know and learning about their experiences.
Befriending Volunteer, October 2022

“I hope I can offer support to Dorset Mind for many years to come, not only because I feel strongly that it is a fantastic cause but also because it has given me personally a purpose – making me feel better about myself.” 
Fundraising and Events Volunteer, 2022

“I love volunteering at Eco in Mind. I’m meeting new people, enjoying my time out in the fresh air, and learning a lot about how to grow plants! The reason I wanted to volunteer here is because I recognise that it is a great, safe and friendly place to go for people who are struggling with their mental health.”
Eco in Mind Volunteer, December 2022

To #joinourmovement and become one of our vital volunteers who provide essential Mental Health support, follow this link to see our available roles.

If you feel you have skills, interests or hobbies that will benefit the Dorset community and want to use them to improve mental wellbeing, please email us at:

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