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Losing someone close to you can leave you feeling lost and alone – and it’s only natural to want to remember them and celebrate their life. Sharing experiences, happy memories, stories and a common purpose with family and friends is a lovely way to keep their memory alive, whilst also bringing you some comfort at a difficult time.

Giving to Dorset Mind in honour of a loved one is a great way to continue their story, as well as helping us support future generations’ mental health.

‘In Memory Giving’ is a personal experience. Dorset Mind is here to support you to choose the best way to remember your loved ones.

There are some suggestions below, but please contact our team if you need additional help and information.

Remember your loved one by…

Collecting donations at a funeral can help Dorset Mind make a lasting difference.

You might choose to do this by asking for donations instead of flowers. You could also hold a collection at a celebration of life service or memorial event.

To help connect friends and family unable to attend the funeral, you may wish to invite them to make a donation by creating an online memoriam page.

You may choose to set up a regular donation in honour of your loved one.

Supporting others it is a way of helping their memory live on.

It also helps us plan for the future.

An online tribute page is a wonderful way to share special memories, photographs, stories and even videos about your loved ones.

Family, friends and colleagues can support a tribute page by making donations, bringing everyone’s support together in one place.

You can set up a personalised tribute fund quickly and easily using Just Giving.

You may choose to organise an event, perhaps to celebrate a special date or anniversary which was significant in the life of your loved one.

This could become an opportunity to remember them every year by making it an annual event – to which you could invite your loved one’s friends, family and colleagues.

Did your loved one enjoy walking? Or did they take part in extreme activities such as skydiving?

Organising or participating in a challenge can be a great way to honour their memory – and can bring family and friends together.

We can also support companies to remember their colleagues.

We have a list of organised challenges (individual and team challenges) and events that might inspire you. If you have a different activity in mind, please contact us and we will support you to help you make it happen.

How Dorset Mind can support your ‘In Memory Giving’ Journey:

Dorset Mind is here to fully support you in honouring your loved one.

We will:

  • Provide professional and sensitive, friendly support and advice
  • Honour your loved one by sharing your story
  • Help you set up an online fundraising page
  • Supply promotional items for your event – such as leaflets, collection tins and buckets.
  • Provide a Dorset Mind t-shirt/performance t-shirt to wear for your event
  • Share your posts across our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  • Provide opportunities for you to share your experiences and happy memories with others.

Please contact Marie for more information at:

Bereavement support for you, your family and friends

We understand that grief can be difficult and extremely stressful. How people react to a loss is a very individual process. After a loss you may experience a range of symptoms, such as shock, denial, anger, sadness and depression.

In most cases, grief is not a mental health problem itself. It is absolutely normal that grief places strain on our everyday lives and it can take a long time to adapt to life after a loss. Even after a long period it is still normal to experience days like the difficult early days after bereavement, but over time we gradually learn to manage these.

However, sometimes people experience such strong feelings of grief long after bereavement happens that a diagnosis of complicated grief is made. These experiences of bereavement can be very similar to ‘simple grief’ except that, rather than becoming manageable in the long-term, they can worsen and affect your day-today-living for a long time.

If you or your loved ones find that you need help with your mental health, we offer a wide range of 1-2-1 and group support which you’ll find here.

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