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Support Dorset Mind while staying at home.

There are plenty of ways you can fundraise for Dorset Mind whilst staying safe at home. We have listed a few below but feel free to go ahead with your own ideas, make sure you let us know what you are up to so we can share for you. 

Dorset Mind's Virtual Quiz

20th May

8pm Facebook Live

£2 per player

Boost your funds

Every time someone donates to your Virgin Money Giving page between now and the end of June, you’ll be entered into a draw to win a boost. Each week, one lucky winner will get £250 for their chosen charity.

Sell your Books, Games, CD's & DVD's

Ziffit is a free web and app service that instantly values your books, games, DVDs and CDs and lets you generate cash quickly – which can be donated directly to your chosen charity or fundraising page.

Keep your fundraising going

Did you have a fundraising challenge booked which has sadly been cancelled or postponed?

Try amending this challenge to suit ie; Were you set to run 10km? Use your daily exercise allowance to complete this over a week or two. 

Share your story on social media and keep going – you got this! 

Create an Online Raffle or Auction

Use a Facebook donate button, Eventbrite, Online fundraising page or Facebook group to sell raffle tickets/numbers.


Stream an auction live or use the comments on each item to take bids.

Sell your Phones, Tech, Books, Games, CD's, DVD's & Lego

Get an instant price for your stuff

Just select the item you want to sell by clicking the item buttons in the value engine, then tell them a bit more about it, and then they’ll give you an instant price!

Buy & Sell on Ebay

  • Shoppers can give to eBay charities at checkout
  • Sellers can earmark 10-100% of their items’ selling price
  • Donate the proceeds to Dorset Mind after the sale

Sell on Facebook

List your items on Facebook Market place for free. Either post or have the item(s) collected

Always follow the Governments guidance to social distancing

Sell on Gumtree

Sell locally or send in a parcel.

Donate your proceeds to Dorset Mind

Donate and Dorset Mind will receive 1/3 of sale price

Order a free ThriftBag and they’ll collect, take the photos, write the descriptions, and upload to our online store.

By using professional photography and the correct prices the items are 5 times more likely to sell.

Each time an item sells, you get 33% back as Thrift+ credits*

*See Thrift+ fees page for details

Yard Sale

Put together a box of items you no longer need

Place outside your home with a collection box

Advertise online to your neighbours

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