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Mindful Monday – a review of Mindfulness

A review of Mindful Monday… Mindfulness Walk 2As part of the European Week of Sport (#EPOS), Dorset Mind organised a mindfulness walk for #mindfulmonday.  The walk was offered to the public, and several participants from our Active in Mind group also took part. Jane from Mindsculpt kindly led the walk – Jane practises hypnotherapy and mindfulness regularly. The route began at the top of Fisherman’s Walk in Southbourne and wound through the park down to the beach. The focus was on mindfulness – a technique that can help people manage their mental health, or simply gain more enjoyment from life.  

Mindfulness – how to do it

To do this, there are a few key techniques. Firstly, increase your awareness. As we walked, we were silent and turned our attention to what was happening in the present moment. No worrying about what happened yesterday, or what is happening tomorrow, just the sensations of the wind through the trees and the sand beneath our feet. We paid attention to what Mindfulness Walkwas happening in our bodies, minds and surroundings, in a curious and non-judgemental way.   When our minds wandered, the group were encouraged not to get annoyed with themselves, but to redirect their attention back to the present moment. This was done by focusing on their own breathing or surroundings. In addition, our walkers developed their own mindful mantras, such as ‘I am so lucky to live by the beach’ or ‘life is tough, but I am tougher’. 

The mindfulness experience

It was a stunningly bright and warm day, with striking views. After the walk, everyone reported they hugely enjoying the experience. One walker also shared that they would normally be too anxious to visit the beach alone. The mindfulness walk gave him the confidence to mindfully experience the wonderful coastal environment. #BeActive #mindfulmonday Written by Lucy Lewis, Social Media and Marketing Assistant.]]>

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