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Role description 

To collect donations from the public at Dorset Mind supported events across Dorset. Represent Dorset Mind with a professional manner. Some events may require you to use our card machine to take card payments. You will be required to speak with members of the public about Dorset Mind, our services, volunteering and fundraising opportunities and signpost where necessary. 

  • Support the mission of Dorset Mind by: 
  • Raising awareness within general and specific communities about mental ill health.  Thats to say educating people about symptoms – what they are, what to expect and how to spot them.  We also help people about what they can do when they experience symptoms or know someone who does. 
  • Challenging the stigma and inequality of mental ill health so that neither stigma nor inequality prevent people receiving information and support they need. 
  • Promoting the ethos of recovery from mental ill health by educating people about recovery.  
  • Work as part of the Events team to promote the work and profile of Dorset Mind. 
  • If approached; actively listen in a compassionate manner whilst not overstepping boundaries and confidently signpost people to appropriate help. 
  • Duties might also include collecting, setting up and returning Dorset Mind buckets and banners from the Bournemouth office.  
  • Be responsible for any Dorset Mind assets at an event e.g. charity collection buckets/tins and banners ensuring they are signed out/in. 

Who is Dorset Mind? 

  • We’re a local mental health charity who have been raising mental health awareness and delivering services in Dorset for over 75 years.  
  • We are mental health experts and have the expertise of the national brand behind us.  
  • We’re an affiliate of national Mind – but are independent and self-funded which means that we design services that reflect the needs of our communities. 

What do we do? 

  • We want to help people with mental health to live life as normally as possible.  
  • We won’t give up until people get the support and respect they deserve. 


  • 1 in 4 people in the UK will have a diagnosable mental health condition in their lifetime.  
  • Right now, there are approx. 130,000 people in Dorset living with poor mental health – that’s approximately 85% the population of Poole.  
  • The most common mental health issues are Anxiety, Depression and Stress.

 Mental health does not discriminate – it can affect anyone at any time.

How we help… 

Our mission contains 3 principles:  

  • To educate people – about mental health conditions, what to expect and importantly how to find help  
  • To challenge Stigma – so it doesn’t prevent people from accessing the help they deserve  
  • To promote the ethos of recovery – through a range of support services, education and training that empowers people to help and maintain their own recovery. 

All our services are based on the power of talking. Talking helps! 

Talking also SAVES lives. 

Adult Services  

“I can now continue to live my life, on the right track.” 

Our adult services are both preventative and restorative – we believe in early intervention to save a lifetime of distress.
Most of our groups don’t have waiting times – you can simply self-refer. We ask for a small suggested donation of £3. 

Activity based support: 

  • The GAP Project – ecotherapy in Dorchester and Weymouth  
  • Walk and Talk – TBC  
  • Running group 
  • Community activity group in Southbourne (games and sports) 
  • Online activity group where people are encouraged to move and play games  


1-2-1 support either face-to-face or telephone based from a trained volunteer on a weekly or fortnightly basis for a min. of 6 months. This can really change someone’s lives, and the volunteers benefit too. 

Return to Work Mind Field Programme: 

A 7-week programme with group workshops and 1-2-1 mentoring sessions that improve employability skills and mental wellbeing. 

Counselling and Mentoring: 

  • Eating Disorders mentoring 
  • Affordable counselling 
  • Active Monitoring – CBT-based 1-2-1 support in Bournemouth and Poole 

Group support:  

  • Wellbeing groups in Bournemouth and Verwood 
  • LGBT+ in Bournemouth and online for anyone in Dorset 
  • A women-only group 
  • Eating Disorders Recovery group 
  • A Carers Group in Poole 

Youth Services – Dorset Mind Your Head  

“You are all trying to make the world a better place by helping children with their emotions.” 

 With a ‘whole-school’ approach – we treat young people, their parents and their teachers too.  

Services offered include:  

  • Mental Health, wellbeing and resilience assemblies and workshops
  • Exam stress assemblies
  • 6-week wellbeing programme
  • Active Monitoring in Schools which includes mental health assemblies, workshops and 1-2-1’s.
  • PHSE are used in schools but taught by us 

To date we’ve directly impacted 24,135 young people in 74 schools. 

Training – Dorset Mind Works   

“100% people said we’d increased their understanding of Mental Health.” 

  • We offer a comprehensive training programme for workplace wellbeing. 
  • Our aim is to develop and sustain mentally healthy environments by reducing absenteeism AND presenteeism (when someone is at work but not working to the best of their ability).
  • Our USP is that we can tailor training to make it bespoke. These courses sit alongside the official Mental Health First Aid training.
  • We’re currently working with: Aster / Bournemouth & Poole College / Dorset Chamber, Dorset Devon and Cornwall Police.
  • Charging for our training helps fund our support – we also deliver FREE training to people who can’t afford it where we can. 

How you can help us…

Tell your story – start a conversation or blog/vlog/sing for us!  

  • Fundraise for us – organise an event, take part in a physical challenge to help raise vital funds 
  • Volunteer for us – we simply can’t do what we do without our amazing army of volunteers. We offer short-term CSR opportunities (fundraising/befriending/the GAP/share a skill). 
  • Follow us on social media – we’re across most of the main channels:
  • Websites: 

Please read the following guidelines carefully

Dorset Mind Volunteer Code of Conduct
Dorset Mind aims to provide an environment that is free from discrimination. It is the organisation’s expectation that all trustees, employees, volunteers etc. act in such a way to respect each other and the organisation’s users/clients. All individuals should be treated with dignity and respect. 

This code of conduct applies to all volunteers of Dorset Mind. This code should be read in conjunction with Dorset Mind policies relevant to volunteers. This code can be varied at any time. Likewise, nothing in this code prevents the other policies referred to from being varied. 

Dorset Mind Policies and Procedures
All volunteers should act in accordance with the agreed policies and procedures of Dorset Mind. 

Volunteering policy
Dorset Mind recognises that volunteers play a vital role in the charity and that without volunteers Dorset Mind would not be able to deliver its services. Dorset Mind will not exploit volunteers by making unfair demands on their time or by asking them to do something which is against their principles or beliefs. Dorset Mind will encourage volunteers to play a part in the decision-making processes of the charity.  

Dorset Mind will support volunteers to work safely and effectively and will recognise their contribution appropriately. In return Dorset Mind asks volunteers to recognise that they are representing the charity and to accept their obligations in this. Dorset Mind will encourage users of its own services to undertake volunteering roles within the service they use and also the charity as a whole. 

Handling Cash 

Each event will have a designated ‘cash handler’. Any donations collected on behalf of Dorset Mind will be kept safe and secure by the cash handler. Methods for transporting and keeping cash safe will be agreed with the Events & Fundraising Coordinator prior to the event. If you are the cash handler you MUST follow instructions given to you when in possession of any cash donations.   

Volunteers will be entitled to travel expenses, including from home to base, and those working more than 5 hours a day can claim reasonable expenses for lunch (against receipts), but may not receive payment for any other reason. 

Equal Opportunities
Volunteers should not harass, discriminate against, or oppress any group or individual by reference their religion or belief, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, health, political beliefs, or any other grounds. Volunteers are not expected to accept abuse of any kind, either verbal or physical, from service users, visitors, colleagues, or anyone else. Behaviour by a volunteer will not be deemed disrespectful where it is taken as a reasonable measure to avoid abuse. An example might be to terminate a telephone call where a caller is being verbally abusive. 

Volunteers will be covered by the Dorset Mind employers, public liability and professional indemnity where appropriate. If Volunteers use their own vehicle whilst volunteering for Dorset Mind they must ensure they have the appropriate insurance cover, driving licence and MOT certificates. In accordance with the Health and Safety Policy Dorset Mind will keep copies of the appropriate documentation on file. 

Health & Safety  

  • Dorset Mind recognises its responsibilities as an employer to provide safe and healthy work places for its employees and volunteers (“people”) and is committed to developing safe systems of working.  
  • Dorset Mind recognises its responsibilities as a service provider for ensuring a safe environment for all who use its services and enter its premises.  
  • Dorset Mind aims to hold all appropriate certifications with regard to conducting its practices in line with health and safety best practice.  

We are committed to making sure you are safe while volunteering. In return we expect you to help us maintain a safe environment. 

Policies and Procedures
Besides the Health & Safety Policy Volunteers will be expected to abide by other Dorset Mind policies as appropriate such as Confidentiality, Data Protection, Equal Opportunities, IT, Safeguarding. 

It’s important that all Dorset Mind volunteers and staff members maintain clear boundaries. This means making sure that what you say and do is within the limits of your role – for example, it is not advisable to befriend a patient on social media or talk in depth about your own personal difficulties. 

Reliability and timekeeping
While we don’t have a legal contract in place with you, we do have certain hopes and expectations for our volunteers. We depend on our volunteers’ help, so it’s really important that we know we can rely on your support, when it’s needed. Please try to keep to any arrangements you make. If you can’t make your shift or slot, let your team leader know as soon as possible via pre-arranged contact methods.  

All volunteers should observe confidentiality in respect of any discussions with other individual staff/volunteers about their professional and personal problems and difficulties, except where there is an overriding concern and responsibility for service users or the organisation. If you have any concerns at all, especially about the safety of someone, please do not keep it to yourself. Let your manager know in confidence and they will know how to help. 

Volunteer Dissatisfaction
If a volunteer experiences any concern or dissatisfaction regarding a staff or volunteer’s work or standards of work, they should first seek to discuss this with that person’s line manager, or their own, and if not satisfied with the outcome they should make use of the organisation’s complaints process. 

Dorset Mind’s Reputation
Volunteers should not seek to undermine, outside of constitutional procedures, agreed policy of the organisation, nor work against the interests of the organisation, nor seek to bring the organisation, its staff, Trustees, volunteers or its members into disrepute. 

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