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Dorset Mind announce FREE Conference

In the UK, 4 in 100 people are expected to have PTSD at any given time* (this statistic does not include Complex-PTSD). It equates to approximately 2,612,000 people in the UK and 36,000 people in Dorset alone. 

But many of us feel unsure about how to approach conversations with people they know who may live with PTSD, or someone they suspect has experienced trauma and could need support. 

We need to get Dorset talking about mental health. Dorset Mind feels passionate about starting those conversations, especially the more challenging ones about issues such as trauma and PTSD. 

Conference Details

The Conference on 16th June is for people who want to learn how to have these difficult conversations with people they know who might be suffering in silence. 

Knowing how best to offer support or guidance to someone in the aftermath of a trauma can be daunting. We will focus on a first aid approach to help recognise the signs and know how to take appropriate action. 

You will receive expert guidance from our experienced trainers and guests to help educate you about trauma and its associated stigma. We will focus on he power of talking, recovery and what services are available in Dorset and nationally. 

Marie-Clare Gale, Training Manager at Dorset Mind comments,  

“We’re excited to deliver a second conference. It’s our way to genuinely connect with our communities and continue to educate people in Dorset about the challenging subjects they want to learn about. Our chosen topics are important for me on a professional and personal level – I feel that each time we hold a conversation about mental health, we can potentially change or save a life.” 

Linda O’Sullivan, Dorset Mind’s CEO adds, 

“The Conference reinforces our vision of creating a community where living with and talking about mental health becomes acceptable for everyone. Talking to someone about your mental health could be the most important conversation you’ll have as it’s the first step towards getting the help you need.  

The theme of the conference came from our trainers listening to what people want to learn about. It’s clear that people in Dorset are living with PTSD and trauma – and we all have a responsibility to recognise this – and know how to help someone to find the appropriate support.” 

How to book

Tickets are FREE (with an optional charity donation) and lunch is provided. This event is open to the public; but you must be 18+ to attend. 

To reserve your space, book here: 

Spaces are limited, and tickets are available on a first-come first-served basis. 

Please take time to consider your self-care needs before, during and after this conference, as some of the content may be triggering.  

All we ask in return for your free attendance is that you pledge to take one small action from the day, to help support yourself or someone else in your local community. 

Together we can change minds, start a meaningful conversation, and make a real difference to the lives of people in Dorset.  

Let’s #GetDorsetTalking!

*PTSD Statistic, PTSD UK – 

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