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It’s really important to us that the businesses we work alongside get as much from our partnerships as we do.

From the start of us working together, we aim to build a strong, reliable and honest relationship.

As you can see from the following testimonials, companies recognise the benefits of us working together and providing mental health awareness within the workplace.


Redweb generously hosted our event ‘Are creative minds mentally health minds?’ back in July 2019. Here’s what Damian Proctor,  COO wrote about our partnership:

“For us, it was great to put mental health centre stage and facilitate an open discussion at a local level. Attendees left with a clear idea of the types of issues people working in digital are facing, and what we can all do to encourage a positive change.”

Of Redweb’s fundraising efforts (pictured above):

“Of course our main aim starting out was to fundraise as much as possible. Different people throughout the agency organised a number of events, from bake-offs and Easter egg hunts to our Snowdon climb.”

And finally, some brilliant overall feedback:

“Dorset Mind have been much more than a charity of the year for us. From the get-go, they were very keen to offer us as much in return as we would be in supporting them. As well as being a brilliant charity, they’ve helped us start important conversations that we hope to make a lasting impact with.”

Ty Temel, Owner of Halo, Founder of IAM Events, Sandfest, SandPolo, Vantage Sporting Group:

“There used to be a real taboo around mental health, particularly for men. To admit that you might be having problems either with relationships, money pressures etc just wasn’t the done thing. I wanted to make a difference and at a time when Dorset Mind was growing in awareness locally, I was eager to align with a mental health charity and I love the work that Dorset Mind do, so it was an easy choice.

“Dorset Mind are a pleasure to work with, their communication and support is excellent and it is rewarding to know you are making a difference to mental health services and especially to be able to see that in action at a local level.”

Craig Mathie, Managing Director of Bournemouth 7’s

“Every year we look to partner with 2 or 3 charities and the work Dorset Mind were doing locally was fantastic and something we were really keen to support. Having Dorset Mind as a local partner has given us the confidence to speak about Mental Health internally and ensure all staff are happy and more importantly, given the confidence to reach out should they feel they need to.

“The team at Dorset Mind are always so appreciative of any support and exposure to help with the amazing work they do, so any company working alongside them is extremely privileged. Their passion and dedication is truly amazing and will always go above and beyond to ensure they get the most out of every opportunity, as well as promoting the partner at every opportunity.”

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