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The positive spin on a tough time

We all know that right now is a strange time for the human race, but we need to take a step back and adhere to what is being asked by the government.

We must stay indoors, be cleaner and embrace working remotely – if we’re required to continue working.

During this viral pandemic, many of have been given a gift, the gift of ‘time’. We always complain about the lack of time we have for ourselves by saying “if I had more time, I would learn a new language” or “I would work on myself if I had more time.” Well, out of what seems like nowhere, we have a new abundance of time and it will probably be one of the only times it will ever happen.

So, let’s make the most of this. It’s now the time to do what you wish you had time for before!

Just consider how much time we spend commuting to and from work every day. For some people, this can be up to 4 hours! Imagine how much you can achieve in this time when you would have been sat on a bus, train or a traffic jam.

This time has personally given me space to help me tackle my mental health issues. I struggle a little bit with what I eat – and this affects what I have planned the next day.

For example, I wouldn’t eat spicy food on a ‘school night’ in case I am unwell on the way to work or whilst I’m at work. Well, work for me now is in the next room so that saves me from any potential embarrassment.

Enforced self-isolation can help assure me that I can eat what I want when I want – without having to worry about what ‘could’ happen. By the time we all go back to work, I hope to be at a point of “who cares what night it is tonight; I will be able to do what I want and that I can handle the outcome.”

So please don’t waste this extra time we have been given. Use every spare minute to learn new skills, take some time out (that’s important too) or be productive. Just use it wisely – you won’t get this time again!

If you need support, Dorset Mind can help. Find out how Dorset Mind can you support you here.

Thank you to our ambassador Craig for writing this blog.

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