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A close up otter at a national park

Nature and My Wellbeing – a Diary from Trevor Parsons

Trevor is a wildlife photographer, blogger and campaigner who is passionate about sharing his recovery from a mental breakdown and how he has embraced nature and photography as a path to wellbeing.

How nature and photography have helped me

In terms of my thoughts, I can’t always control what’s going on around me when it comes to politics or relationships. But I can control how long I spend in our beautiful countryside taking photos to help me get my headspace.  

Nature photography has helped me to clear my head, so that when I get out into our beautiful countryside, I am able to give myself some much-needed headspace.  

Places I’ve visited in the past month

Over the past month I’ve visited RSPB Arne, RSPB Radipole Lakes, Keyhaven, Moor Crichel, Stourheadthe New Forest Wildlife Park, Marwell Wildlife Park, Blashford Lakes, Longham Lakes and the Stour Valley Nature Reserve. 

What I’ve photographed this month

I’ve taken photos of tigers, snow leopards, cheetahs, mute swans, herons, nuthatches, blue tits, great tits, marsh tits, kingfishers, the New Forest ponies and Stourhead Kestrels.  

What I’ve learnt 

Egret in a national park

I’ve learnt that when a water bird is washing, if I wait, they will open up their wings and flap them, it makes a lovely photo.  

How I’ve been campaigning 

The government might use me in a new social prescribing scheme, which is great! I have also been published in the November edition of the RPS Iris wildlife magazine.  

I am also going to be featuring in the newspaper shortly.  

Finally, I’ve written to Sir David Attenborough to see if he can help me to raise awareness of how beneficial nature and photography can be for your mental wellbeing. 

You can follow Trevor as he continues to document his photography and campaigning on Twitter. 

Find more tools on how to support your mental health and wellbeing here. 

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