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Managing my wellbeing through discipline

At the beginning of the isolation, one thing that instantly challenged me was staying motivated and keeping a disciplined routine.

Plans and structure flew out the window, leading to waking up later and later, eating at different times each day, not exercising each morning, and I saw my productivity & wellbeing decline, which further demotivated me; this was a vicious cycle.

Having a plan for each and every day has given me so much structure (& helped me feel normal), which has allowed me to maintain a positive state of mind – without this, I’d feel lost. Therefore, my number one tip for getting through isolation is to spend time creating a detailed plan for each day and remaining dedicated & committed to it.  

Isolation is difficult, however, it also provides an amazing opportunity to learn something new and broaden your skills – coming out the other side having achieved something.  

It’s also important not to feel guilty if you set a plan and do not fulfil it; therefore, I set achievable targets, and use it as a guideline to a successful and fulfilled day. Remember, this will all be over, so keep your head held high, maintain a routine, and stay connected with others in this virtual world.  

Thanks to Sam from Resurface, a therapeutic surf, yoga, cold water and social community, for sharing his story and top tip for getting through isolation.

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