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An important note on coronavirus

An important note on coronavirus:

Please don’t over-buy medical supplies if you’re not unwell

Over the past few days, we’ve all heard the stories about people making dashes to buy a variety of products, from toilet roll and pasta to medical items such as hand sanitiser and face masks, which are invaluable to the medical field. Thinking of medical items specifically, this is becoming a very real concern because it has made many of these items unavailable for purchase in places they’re usually available, such as chemists and supermarkets. Even hospitals (and other public places such as banks) have had to lock down these supplies up because people are literally taking everything that isn’t nailed down. Some people are even taking these products in order to resell them at a profit.

When people stock up on items like hand sanitiser and face masks, it cuts down on the lifesaving supplies people with medical problems depend on. These include families with premature babies, those with autoimmune diseases or whose immune systems are compromised (such as people with HIV or those going through cancer treatment), and people with certain disabilities, to name a few. In some cases, something as basic as cleaning supplies can mean the difference between life and death. Many will not be able to afford the obscenely overpriced £19.99 bottle of hospital hand gel on eBay.

Please, as you shop in the coming weeks, think of these people, their families/friends and carers, and others like them, and consider reducing the number of each item that you purchase so that they can find them too. Their life may well depend on it.

Sources we’ve used: NHS, GOV.UK, Public Health England, World Health Organisation, The Mighty.

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Thank you to our volunteer guest blogger Rita Arresta for writing this blog.

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