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Furlough is ending – how will you look after your own or your employees mental health?

Are you an employer or employee being affected by the Governments furlough scheme coming to an end soon? If so, please read on. 

The chancellor recently announced the government will be making significant funding available to help businesses affected by the covid-19 pandemic under the new Job Support Scheme. However, there will be many employees left wondering where this leaves them financially and many employers having to make hard decisions about redundancies, pay or adapting the job roles according to the current, but ever-changing guidelines. All this uncertainty and worry can really put a strain on your mental wellbeing and is something people on both sides of employment are experiencing. 

As an employer, what can you do to support your team’s mental health through this time? 

Alexis Stevens, our Training Manager, oversees the delivery of our education and support programme for the workplaceOur Dorset Mind Works training team support individuals and organisations of all sizes throughout Dorset.

Alexis says: 

“It will no doubt be a challenging time for workplaces that are bringing employees back from furlough. 

Lots of employees coming back furlough into their roles may find it unsettling, intimidating, and a difficult transition. This is much the same as we might feel when we return to work after a usual sickness or absence. However, the added uncertainty around job security will pose extra challenges. 

Therefore, supporting the mental health of all employees in their return to work is vital.   

Dorset Mind have a range of workplace training programmes that employers can invest in, to ensure all employees are able to support the mental health of themselves and each other. 

Workplaces investing in mental health training for managers can make a real difference at this difficult time. 

As an Employee, what can you do to help yourself stay mentally healthy during uncertain times? 

Marianne, Dorset Mind’s CEO comments – 

“It is going to be an extremely worrying time for lots of people when the government Furlough scheme comes to an end this month. Many people and families have relied on this as their only form of income and losing it will cause a real spike in anxiety and stress.  

Fortunately, there IS help at hand and many organisations across Dorset do offer guidance, information and practical assistance to people who are struggling. Our website has lots of information and resources which you can find here. 

Some people will feel they are approaching an emotional crisis and are feeling so overwhelmed that they might think life is no longer worth living. It is so important that all of us – every single one of us – knows how to talk to someone in that state and how to guide them to support and hope.  

We have published a 5-Step-Crisis-Plan which sets out simply the small steps people can take if they are desperate. If we all knew these steps, we would know what to say to someone we are really worried about. That could, of course, be ourselves. I would urge everyone to read the plan just in case they need it.”  

 The first step to take to get help with your mental health (if you’re not in a crisis) is to call your GP or other allocated health professional (e.g Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) or Community Mental Health Team (CMHT)). 

Dorset Mind deliver a range of support options for adults across Dorset that include befriending, counselling and mentoring for eating disorders. We also offer services for young people aged 11 upwards via our Dorset Mind Your Head programme. 

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