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AFC Bournemouth x Dorset Mind at Vitality Stadium

Fitness/ Wellbeing Workshop

2 Dates Available. Limited Spaces


Dorset Mind’s tagline is ‘We shape futures and change lives.’ We wholeheartedly believe that high quality is at the centre of this and we aim to delivery excellence at every opportunity. As a growing charity, we are passionate about reaching as many people as possible with our support. We are forward-thinking and move with the times to achieve maximum impact. We are not afraid to change in order to deliver our services according to what our communities need.

We take our policies and procedures very seriously and review them regularly so that we can be the best we can be.

The Mind Quality Mark (MQM)

Dorset Mind has been awarded the Mind Quality Mark (MQM). The MQM is a robust quality assurance framework created by Mind, the mental health charity.

MQM sets out the baseline of best practice and legal compliance in all areas of a local Mind’s governance and activities. To achieve the MQM, a local Mind must meet or exceed all 24 key standards.

Local Minds undergo a rigorous assessment which includes a thorough appraisal of organisational policies and procedures as well as a visit and interviews with Trustees, staff, volunteers and people who use services. MQM is awarded when all standards are fully met.

The MQM provides assurance that local Minds across England and Wales are well-run organisations who meet Mind’s expectations of good practice, and in many cases excel beyond those expectations. It provides assurance that they are healthy, ambitious and strong in providing the highest quality support to people experiencing or at risk of developing mental health problems.


A Board of Trustees governs Dorset Mind. This committee of incredibly driven volunteers are responsible for making key strategic decisions to ensure Dorset Mind is relevant, progressive and positively affects people in Dorset. They oversee what we do as a charity by ensuring our ambitious business plan is delivered.

Our Board comprises individual Trustees, all of whom bring their particular skills, knowledge and experience in specific areas to Dorset Mind. Their business expertise – and in some cases lived experienceensures our organisation runs efficiently and effectively, and is compliant with the high standards required by the Charity Commission of a registered charity and company. This includes operating within our constitution, financial regulations and always with our mission at the heart of everything we do.

Our Trustee Board meets monthly with additional Sub-Committee responsibilities.

Our Trustees – who are they?

Trustee Board Sub-Committees

Our Trustees are responsible for core areas of work that relate to our organisational objectives and strategy. Each area is led by a number of Trustees according to their area of expertise. Key members of our Leadership Team, staff and volunteers closely support them.

The sub-committees meet monthly and feed back to the Trustee Board Meetings.


Dorset Mind is managed operationally by paid staff. They are led by our Leadership Team and our Chief Executive, Linda O’Sullivan. The Leadership Team consist of Managers for Income Generation and Marketing, Operations, Business (Ops), Training and Volunteers. These areas reflect our infrastructure and operational services. This dedicated team delivers all our services and campaigning which you can read about throughout our website.

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