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Chandy Green

In his role as an Ambassador, Chandy hopes to challenge/change the way we think about mental health. So that we think people can live well with a diagnosis.

Ty Temel

Ty's aim as ambassador is to inspire men who are less likely to talk about mental health, to follow his example and build their resilience through talking.

Lucy Lewis

Lucy represents the charity as an ambassador. A former placement student, Lucy now works as an assistant psychologist - and still finds time to write for us.

Dan Willis

Dan's goal as our ambassador is to inspire other men to speak out about and live positively with their mental health. His two key strategies to help maintain his wellbeing are to regularly reflect and stay active.

Chris Tshuma

Ambassador Chris understands the need to break the stigma surrounding mental illness and talk about it openly. He believes we can achieve much together by understanding and supporting each other.

Sarah Hopkins

Sarah has a passion for sport, having played indoor volleyball to national level. Her advice is to develop your own ‘mental health first aid kit’ as you would for physical injuries.

Craig Mathie

Bournemouth 7's MD Craig is an events geek and a passionate sportsman. Craig believes that by talking about our experiences we can make real change in our community.
Photo of a male smiling ambassador with a cap on

Craig Eldridge

Our ambassador Craig loves speaking to audiences about mental health - and his lived experience. Craig hopes to inspire others to reach out for professional help, or to help others find emotional support.

Andy Howe

Andy is passionate about fitness and knows it's his vital coping strategy should he have any down days. By speaking about his mental health, Andy hopes to inspire many people of his age.
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Maddie Crawford

Maddie works in digital marketing and hopes her role as an ambassador will help reach a wide range of people, including workplace leaders. Being an ambassador has improved Maddie's confidence and encouraged her to be more open.
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Ross Duncan

Ross has been an ambassador for Dorset Mind for several years. He's passionate about helping others by sharing knowledge and his lived experience to ensure support networks can be better informed.
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Young Ambassador
Our Young Ambassador Vicky aspires to become an educational psychologist to help those who get looked over and don’t receive the help and support they deserve. She also hopes to make a difference in the area of mental health.


Young Ambassador
Rosie is a Dorset Mind Your Head Young Ambassador. Currently studying, Rosie understands what a large impact mental health can have on herself and those close to her. Her advice is to try a digital detox and switch off your technology.


Young Ambassador
Young Ambassador Olivia has learnt the importance of putting her mental wellbeing as her top priority as this is will help hers to reach her goals. She hopes to eventually work in the field of neuropsychology or forensic psychology,
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Young Ambassador
Lydia became a Dorset Mind Young Ambassador to help other young people understand about mental health problems and learn ways to cope. She has seen how things can improve with the right support. 
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Young Ambassador
Claudia volunteers as a Young Ambassador for Dorset Mind for an opportunity to be involved in different ways to fundraise and increase understanding of Mental Health problems and where to get support.


Young Ambassador
Young Ambassador Becky wants to help schools to increase awareness so that the students know it’s okay to not be okay ALL the time. She hope this will help others to learn how to deal with negative life/school events.  
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Young Ambassador
Our Young Ambassador Alice believes everyone deserves support and access to services when struggling with their mental health. Her one piece of advice would be to express how you feel, in any way you can.

Romy Simpkins

Ambassador, Restored Eating Disorder Coordinator and Trainee Placment Counsellor
Romy coordinates our Restored Eating Disorder support for our Adult Wellbeing Services. She is one of our Ambassadors and a Trainee Placement Counsellor.

Calvin Glen

Ambassador and Young Ambassador
I am an eighteen year old local singer/songwriter with Asperger’s.  As a result of having Asperger’s Syndrome I have at times struggled with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, meltdowns, and psychosis.

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