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Here you’ll find our Blog posts that include regular guest blogs from our supportive mental health community.

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Latest Posts

06Feb 23

PCOS, Adenomyosis and me

Guest blogger Yasmin Brown has shared her story of how hormone health has hugely affected her mental health, it's a must-read for everyone.
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23Jan 23

 Affordable Self-Care

Thank you to our wonderful ambassador Lucy Lewis, for her advice on how we can all afford to make self-care affordable.
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09Jan 23

Study Tips – Back 2 Education

It’s that time of year! Christmas is over and it's time to get back to studying... It's important this time of year to take care of yourself and remember that…

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30Nov 22

My Story of Grief

Thank you to the wonderful Gordon Fong, for openly sharing his story of grief this National Grief Awareness Week.
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14Nov 22

Bullying in the Workplace

Thank you to guest blogger, Gayleen Hodson, for this blog supporting Anti-bullying Week, and sharing advice regarding workplace bullying.
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14Sep 22

Happiness at Work for me

Ambassador Sarah, blogs for International happiness at work week and offers advice on how she manages her own happiness at work.
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15Jul 22

Fibromyalgia and me

Today's guest blogger, new Dorset Mind Ambassador Alexandra, speaks candidly about her experience of living with Fibromyalgia.
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07Jun 22

Benefits of Biking

Our second Bike Week Blogger Jack Sherwin writes of how cycling has improved his Mental health and his confidence to do the unimaginable.
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12May 22

Running in Mind

Our guest blogger Victoria Heeley writes about her fitness journey and taking inspiration from others to stay motivated.
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11May 22

Loneliness on the Front Line

Our guest bloggers Ben & Hayley discuss how Covid and loneliness impacted their work environments and in turn their care for their patients.
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26Apr 22

Lesbian Visibility Day

To mark Lesbian Visibility Day our guest blogger Katie from Space Youth Project has written a blog about acceptance of Lesbian identity.
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24Mar 22

Bipolar and me

This week, guest blogger Dan Bradshaw who runs our Ecotherapy Project in Weymouth, talks about his story living with Bipolar.
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04Mar 22
Red-haired smiling lady teaching

Equal Pay in the Workplace

To mark International Women's Day, Gemma from View HR has written about the importance of Equal Pay in the workplace and why this matters.
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21Dec 21

Let the choir sing

Our guest blogger Catherine shares how joining a choir has positively affected her wellbeing and self-confidence.
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11Dec 21
Girl in Pilates plank position on a pink mat

The Gym Diaries – Part 4

In part 4 of Ruby's series, she explores a different exercise - Pilates - with some surprising results both physically and mentally.
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06Dec 21

The stress of Christmas

Our guest blogger, Gayleen, shares practical alternatives to try to help alleviate some of the stress experienced during Christmas time.
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28Nov 21

Anger and you

This week, guest blogger and Ambassador Lucy looks at how anger can build into explosive behaviour - and some strategies for managing it.
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15Nov 21

Bullying and Mental Health

Anyone can be bullied, online or offline. This week, guest blogger and Ambassador Lucy writes about anti-bullying for Anti-Bullying week.
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18Oct 21

The Gym Diaries – Part 3

TW: In part 3 of Ruby's series, she describes her difficulties with her physical and mental health after losing a friend to suicide.
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10Oct 21
Young black man in a grey tracksuite crouching down on a curb

Putting ALGEE into practise

Guest blogger and Ambassador Lucy writes about how sunlight can affect your mood. She looks at the key factors that can increase your wellbeing.
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09Sep 21

The Gym Diaries – Part 2

Here's part 2 of Ruby's series - The Gym Diaries - which she describes her battle with not feeling guilty when she doesn't exercise!
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08Sep 21
Three laughing teenagers

It’s good to talk

TW: Our CYP Services Manager shares her throughts about how good it is to talk - even when about difficult topics such as suicide.
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07Sep 21
A moody photograph of the waves washing up on the beach

The ripple effect of suicide

TW: Our blogger writes about the impact 2 suicides had on their family. Years of bottling up emotions led to intense relief when they talked.
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25Jul 21

The grounding power of nature

Guest blogger Gem writes about how she harnessed the power of nature to get herself out of a mental health dip, caused by lockdown and losing her career.
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18Jul 21
Sunrise at West Bay beach

Sunlight and your wellbeing

Guest blogger and Ambassador Lucy writes about how sunlight can affect your mood. She looks at the key factors that can increase your wellbeing.
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13Jun 21
A countryside scene from a narrow boad at sunset

Nature and narrow boats

Our blog is written by our Adult Counselling Team Leader, Claire. In the third lockdown she enjoyed getting out in nature, especially on a narrow boat.
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27May 21
Girl in yellow top laughing

The rewards of volunteering

Our blogger Sam shares how volunteering was as rewarding for her as it was for her Befriending client. The experience helped increase her confidence.
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27May 21

From volunteer to employment

Our blog this week follows the journey our Bidwriter Marie made from her volunteer role to being a paid member of Dorset Mind's staff. It's inspirational.
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23May 21
Laptop displaying a zoom call with a cup and chair

Making a return to work

Our blog this week is the observations our Training Manager has made whilst on maternity leave. She's currently in the process of making a return to work.
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12May 21
A woodland scene in nature with a stone bridge

Nature and mental health

Guest blogger and Ambassador Lucy writes about the benefits of getting outside in nature and provides a list of suggestions to help you do so.
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09May 21
Image shows a house with a lit window and the sky lit up behind it

Nature’s Magic

Guest blogger Vicky describes her solution for when she can't get to sleep at night - and it's a brilliant grounding technique to try!
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03May 21

Maternal mental health

Our blogger, Viv Allen, writes about how her experience going into parenthood caused her to realise that there was a lack of support for new families.
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18Apr 21

Stress and me by Chandy

Guest Blogger and ambassador, Chandy, writes about stress and how he manages the impact of it on his life by running, his main coping strategy.
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28Mar 21
Running together virtually 1200 x 628

Running together, virtually

Our guest blogger Helen shares her story about how she found an online running community where she felt she was understood and belonged.
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12Mar 21
Sweet Peas against a blue sky

Celebrating my Mum

Our anonymous blogger writes about the painful experience of losing their Mum in their 20s. And how they coped and eventually came to terms with their loss.
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19Feb 21

Connecting through campaigns

Our guest blog was written by Ambassador Sarah Hopkins who found during lockdown, the thing that got her through was staying connected to others.
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14Feb 21

Colour your mind with a rainbow

Our blog is written by our GAP Project Coordinator Sharon, who has been encouraging people to build colour into their every day to improve their wellbeing.
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18Jan 21

Aster and workplace wellbeing

Guest blogger Julie Cridland, the Employee Experience Lead at Aster Group, has written a piece about Aster's wellbeing journey supporting their employees.
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10Jan 21

Wellbeing… Being Well?

Our Adult Services Manager, Nicole, has written a blog about some of the wellbeing strategies we've put in place after working from home during lockdown.
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01Jan 21
Man with weights

Keeping Mentally Fit

In our latest blog, our guest blogger, Paul shares why it's so important to stay mentally and physically active during lockdown.
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20Dec 20

Why I hate Christmas

Guest blogger Gordon Fong explains why he finds Christmas difficult. It all goes back to his roots and feeling an outsider in North Eastern England.
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22Oct 20
Money & Mental Health Dorset Mind

Your Money and Mental Health

Strugging with your finances can affect on your mental health. Read our 5-step blueprint for coping in a crisis and information on where you can find further support for money worries.
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14Sep 20

For the love of nature

In our latest blog, our guest blogger, Sharon, explains how being in nature can be beneficial for your physical and mental wellbeing.
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03Sep 20

Empty nest syndrome

In our latest blog, our guest blogger, Marie, shares her tips to help fill the void when your child moves out of home for school.
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01Sep 20

Back to school

In our latest blog, our guest blogger, Lucy, shares tips to help manage young peoples mental health when returning back to school.
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13Jul 20

Isolation and Loneliness

In our latest blog our guest blogger, and Income Generation & Marketing manager, Dee, shares the actions we can take to combat isolation and loneliness.
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