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5 Tips For Staying Creative In Fast-Paced Environments

So many articles online focus on productivity, but there’s more to work than efficiency – after all, we’re not machines. Also, creative people know that sometimes the biggest challenge is keeping the ideas flowing when you’re up against tight deadlines.  

Here are my top 5 tips for staying creative in fast-paced environments and a busy role – and looking after your wellbeing in the process!  

1. Take regular breaks 

It sounds obvious but so many of us forget to do this when things get busy. There’s nothing more valuable than stepping away from the computer and – if possible – getting a bit of fresh air. Not only is it good to give your eyes a break from the screen, but it’s also great to move around and loosen up stiff muscles.  

2. Collaborate with your team

Sometimes, the best ideas come when you collaborate with your colleagues. Where it’s practical to do so, why not try to book in a quick meeting or workshop to bounce some ideas around? 

A fresh set of eyes and creative input from colleagues is a sure-fire way to jump start a big project and get you in the right headspace for creative problem-solving.  

3. Play to your strengths

No one understands the way you work better than you do, so plan your day in a way that works to your advantage. If you’re prone to a 3pm energy dip, it’s best not to leave the tasks that require the most brain power until then. Instead, why not plan some morning focus time to really get the best out of your day?  

Leave simple admin tasks for the times of day when you find yourself reaching for the coffee! That way, you’re freeing up your best hours for the projects that need your brain to be firing on all cylinders.  

4. Ditch “al desko” dining

It can be tempting to take lunch at your desk, but ultimately this can end up having a negative impact on your wellbeing. A change of scenery, some sunshine, and a break from your to-do list will help you return to your computer feeling recharged and ready for an afternoon of creativity. It may seem more productive to work through breaks, but in the long term you’ll find that it has the opposite effect. 

5. Create your ideal workspace

It goes without saying that a clear and well-organised desk will help you to stay more focused. But beyond that, an attractive workspace that reflects your personality will help you to feel happier at work – and that makes all the difference!  

So, take this as your sign to add some personal touches to your space. My desk fairy lights might seem a little extra, but they really lift my mood (which is especially helpful with the days getting shorter and gloomier) and brighten my day – literally!  

You could also treat yourself to some new planners, notebooks and pens. If you’re a creative person, the chances are that it helps you to see things drawn or written out in front of you – never underestimate the power of good old fashioned pen and paper!   

Today’s Guest Blogger

Thank you to Mel, who works with our charity partner b4b Marketing in Poole. Here she tells us her top 5 tips for staying creative, while keeping your wellbeing in check at the same time.

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